Wait… Where’s the Confetti?!?!


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Happy Monday all!  That is kind of an oxymoron but heck it’s Monday and well my Monday has been pretty fantastic.  I finished up my last interval run before the Cleveland Marathon!!  Intervals are never easy BUT they really pay off!!  Then something AMAZING happened, but first I need to share a little bit of back story…… Grab your carpet square and try to stay with mer, I promise it will be worth it!

So as many of you know about 5 years ago I decided to make a lifestyle change.  I joined weight watchers and started to focus on my health.  Weight Watchers taught me all about portion control, how to eat healthy and how to create a healthy lifestyle.  Weight Watchers was just what I needed at the time, and the perfect start.  I lost most of my weight in the first 3 years I was on the program.  Then you could say I kind of hit a wall.

My weight didn’t change too much and I would add and lose the same 10+ pounds, sometimes 20 (the holidays though…).  However something not so good was also happening.  As many know Weight Watchers focuses on points.  The higher the points a food item is the less you have to eat the rest of the day.  So in my head it started, high points = BAD stay away from that.  Then I started to save points, because if I don’t eat all my points well that should be good right??  I will lose more and make it to my goal weight.

Well, I played the point game and tried so hard to lose the last 10-20 pounds, and got close so many times BUT really wasn’t doing it the right way OR HEALTHY.  My head started to also play games with me, still focusing on high points IS BAD.  I also found myself not eating many carbs, because those aren’t that great either right???

This past Christmas I decided something needed to change.  I was sick of not making progress and KNEW if I wanted to do better with running, I needed to slim down BUT Weight Watchers really wasn’t my answer anymore.  So I QUIT, I quit weight watchers.  The program that got me started, my security blanket. What I had known for about 5 years…

I decided to work with a coach and start marco counting.  This was exactly what I needed.  Food no longer had a points number, it was just a combination of carbs, protein, fat and calories.  I could can play with different food items and fit them into my day  however I’d like (I’d like to note if you are doing WW the right way this is also possible, but I NEEDED A CHANGE). After starting with this new program I started to feel re-energized….I also was eating CARBS!  This new program not only helped me start seeing results on the scale BUT my running has been stronger, who knew carbs were a runners best friend.

So I struggled on how to tell everyone that I quit WW, as it IS AN AMAZING program…I just needed a change!  So now that I got that off my chest  (thanks for sticking with me here), gosh that feels great …



Today, after my run…. today is my weigh in day.  I hit the scale like I do EVERY Tuesday and GUESS WHAT…. GUESS WHAT?!?!?!?  I HIT MY DANG GOAL WEIGHT!!!  YES!!!  The weight that I set as my goal about 5 years ago….I FRICKEN HIT IT!!!!!  I am not going to lie, as I stared at the number on the scale I did expect some magical things to happen…… I mean I have been doing this thing for over 5 years…WHERE’S THE CONFETTI???? FIREWORKS???? FLOWERS FALLING FROM THE SKY…ANYTHING???? COME ON GOD JUST MAYBE A PARTY POPPER???

It only took 5 years and some serious struggles!


I am not sure now if this is where I will stay, or what I am really comfortable with BUT I can figure that all out FOR NOW, I WILL CELEBRATE!! WHICH REMINDS ME….. I think someone AHEMMMMMM DANA said he’d take me shopping in NYC when I hit my goal, I might need to remind him.

Thanks for all your support friends, and thanks for sticking with this log DRAMATIC post =)  I also need God to work on that confetti for moments like todayūüėČ

Happy Monday indeed!



STOP! It’s Taper TIME!


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OHHHH MYYYY GOSHHHHHHHHHH…………………..The Cleveland Marathon is 2 weeks away, I MIGHT be freaking out JUST A BIT! I keep watching the weather like some dang crazy lady. ¬†As of now it has changed about 3 times, with the latest being 73 and cloudy PLEASE LORD KEEP THIS!!



So some of you might be wondering what the heck is a taper and what does it mean. ¬†The taper is what happens in the weeks leading up to a racing event. ¬†There is usually a decrease in miles and an increase in runner irritability. ¬†YEP I haven’t even really started my taper yet and I am feeling this……UGHHHHH!!!! ¬†My taper is usually CRAP, I don’t taper well and I usually get crabby, hungry, and doubt everything. ¬†With the Hanson’s plan there is a very small taper, this will start for me after this Wednesday. ¬†I know my body is ready for a little break and I am going to try my best to embrace it.

So now you might be asking how in the world is Jamie going to handle this taper, I mean I have been logging miles like a crazy lady…crushing some intervals, making those Wednesday Tempo runs my B*TCH…HOW IN THE WORLD WILL I HANDLE THE TAPER (yes I am yelling this in my head).


Ok deep breath here’s the plan…

I am going to focus on the following to survive my taper:

1. I am going to try and just RELAX…


2. I am going to look at my training log and see all the amazing things I have done in the past 18+ weeks, no need to doubt anything!


3. I will take many evening baths. ¬†Yep I love a bath and it’s the only thing that really seems to relax me. ¬†Most evenings I can be found in the bath with a beer…yep diet root beer, I am so hard core.

4. I am going to try to be over confident.  As you know I am usually pretty dang hard on myself.  So the next 2 weeks, I am going to be so dang confident.  HECK I might even come across arrogant as I will be THAT confident.

5. I will foam ROLL! ¬†This NEEDS to happen…. Yes Dana I need to bring the roller back out, I know you have been telling me this =)

6. EVERY single night I am going to envision myself crossing that finish line.  Not only will I see myself crossing the finish line, I will be CRUSHING IT.

7. I WILL take care of me and get some sleep. ¬†Less miles means more sleep, oh sleep I miss sleep! I might even cuddle with these little cuties…


8. I will look back at all the photos and running posts I have made, seeing how far I have come.


9. During this taper I am going to enjoy it, I have worked hard. ¬†This is the clam before the storm….what I have been waiting for.

10. I am going to enjoy and look forward to marathon weekend during this taper.  My family will be coming from WI.  I have an amazing VIP reception Friday night, with a hot date and my fellow race ambassadors.

11. I might even clean the house a bit….ok yes I will do this as my family is coming =)

12. Not only will I focus on crossing that finish line, I am going to think about that ice cold adult beverage or 2 I will have after the race. ¬†I gave up alcohol during training, so I should actually say that 1/2 of beverage I will have, as it’s not going to take much =)

13. During this taper I will carb load, but with a plan! ¬†Last carb loading I MIGHT have gotten a bit carried away…I mean ummmm yea…. a learning experience right?


I might have hit the pancakes a little TOO hard during my last carb load =)


14. I will keep this in mind….. at the end of the day I did all I could to make sure I am ready for this marathon. ¬†The rest is in God’s hands =)

15. I will remember and think of all my amazing supporters. ¬†I have so many friends and family that have my back and support me. ¬†I might even try to be extra nice to them…especially DANA!! ¬†=)



How will you embrace the taper?  Are you ready to rock this thing, because I sure am!!






Treat Yourself Day!

Happy end of April all!!

Seriously where did the month of April go? ¬†I feel like I blinked my eyes and May is just around the corner. ¬†I guess time files when you are having fun right??? ¬†Well here we sit April 26th, 2016! ¬†Today I celebrate my 5 year get my S#!t together anniversary, LOL I guess I need to figure out a new name for it… maybe class it up a bit!

Five years ago today I stepped on the scale for the very first time, or I should say for the very first time I volunteered to do so. ¬†I remember it like it was yesterday, stepping on the scale and hearing the number 350 (it was something like 349.2…but my head always says 350). ¬†My heart sank and I just couldn’t believe it. ¬†How did this happen and how in the world did I get there???

So today I decided to celebrate by treating myself, my over 194lbs lighter self! ¬†I took the day off of work and got my hair done! ¬†Some color, trendy highlights (yes I actually went trendy and outside the box ), a cut…..heck yes!!!!

new hairIMG_6394


Thanks for letting me share my day with you. ¬†I am not always the best at tooting my own horn, but I am pretty proud of what I have accomplished in the past 5 years and also that I have kept the weight off (well mostly, the scale does go up a bit around christmas as I LOVE CHRISTMAS FOOD…COOKIES).

If you’d like to celebrate with me, go ahead and treat yourself!!






Like A Good Pair of Sneakers


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Hello all =)

So I had this great idea, ok well I think great idea =) ¬†I always blog about my husband and how he is by far my #1 supporter. ¬†I honestly wouldn’t be able to accomplish anything without his love and support. ¬†This journey brings out a special kind of crazy, a crazy that only this man can handle and deal with!! ¬†Seriously he deserves a medal…

ANYWAYS, I asked Dana to put a blog post together for me. I said it would be interesting for folks to be able to see things through his eyes, through the eyes of a supporter.  HE AGREED!!!!!!  So here it is, probably the best blog post you will ever read on this site.  Not only is he great with words BUT he writes from his heart.

So here it is, my amazing guest blogger husband, Dana =)


Like a Good Pair of Sneakers…

Caring, Kind, Beautiful, Competitive, Best Friend; These are all words that describe my wife. These words described her 11 years ago when she first walked through my door and they describe her years later just the same. She’s always had a great heart and has cared about people, many of whom she doesn’t even know personally. This was one quality that I saw in her early on that I envied. How could someone just give of themselves without expecting anything in return? Such an amazing quality. And one of the reasons that this blog exists.

In July of 2010 I asked the most beautiful girl I’d ever dated to marry me. I remember it as if it were yesterday, the warm summer wind atop the Empire State Building tossed her hair while she looked out at the sunset over the Hudson River. I shakenly knelt on one knee and asked for her hand, not sure of what life would bring.

In a way, that was the start of our marathon, one that would take us up hills and push us to the very limits. As we’ve run our race, much like anyone else who runs, we got stronger, more flexible and had more stamina to power through and finish the rest no matter what the course holds for us.

As a spectator, one must learn a few things. Vocabulary is one of the major ones. PR, cargo-loading, what a split time is, 26.2 miles is the length of a marathon, 13.1 is half that, a 5K is about 3 miles and the 45 minutes it takes me to get 3 miles done my wife could have done two of them.

How to make a Killer cupcake is another. We have a great ritual the night before a race. I put on an apron ‚Äď I‚Äôve got a real tree one now so I don‚Äôt have to wear the frilly one ‚Äď and whip up a batch of funfetti cupcakes with hot pink frosting. Always the same cupcakes, always the same frosting. I never knew how to make cupcakes (or bake anything) before my wife started running.

The most important skill a good supporter needs to know is how to be a good listener. Support is about being there. Not just physically, but being in the moment with her. Trying to understand why she feels stressed, anxious, emotional or happy. Sometimes‚Ķ most times‚Ķ there is absolutely no explanation. When that happens I don‚Äôt try to find one ‚Äď I just smile and tell her I love her.

Understanding that I don’t have all of the answers and neither does she, but still doing our best together to be the best we can be.

To be a great race spectator means getting up early on race day, getting into the corral, painfully waiting for the starting gun, then saying a prayer for her safety as she bounds off into the horizon. Then comes the dash to get a good spot to watch the finish. Incidentally this is much easier on a long race because in the last 5K Jamie ran, she finished before the shuttle bus even got to the finish line.

There are few things greater than watching someone you love achieve their goals. Someone you’ve woke up with at 4am to see them off for their run, 6 am spin class, or waiting till 7:30-8pm to make supper because its weight lifting night. Knowing it would be easy to complain, but also knowing that nothing wonderful in life is ever achieved easily. All of this sacrifice is paid off with the smile, the joy of watching her succeed and knowing that you played a little part in that.

It‚Äôs been said ‚ÄúI watch you like a mirror because I see in you what I‚Äôd like to see in myself. Who we love is a reflection of who we‚Äôd like to be‚ÄĚ. This quote sums up the reasons why I‚Äôd never miss a race, why her external commitments sometimes come before us. Because I see her desire to be better, her desire to do things she‚Äôs never done before. To push the envelope to make all of the naysayers eat their words. And she does‚Ķ every time she walks out on to the course.

So as we keep running our marathon of life, I am certain that not every mile will be a PR, nor will there always be the wind at our backs, the cool breeze to make it more comfortable. There will be hills… Massive ones, but as long as we continue to run, as long as we never give up the fight, when the finish line comes, we’ll both know we left it all out on the road and we’ll cross the line smiling together.

Thank you DANA!!!! I LOVE YOU!







Suck it up Buttercup….


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Well, here we are about 5 weeks away from the Cleveland Marathon. ¬†The milage is ramping up and peak week is right around the corner. ¬†It’s usually around this point in marathon training that I hit a training wall. ¬†I have been putting in countless miles, training hard but still have two of the hardest weeks again of me. ¬†It’s now where my head really starts to get to me. ¬†I can almost ALWAYS predict it!

Just as predicted my head is all over the dang place!!  I think I went through so many different emotions yesterday during my 18 mile run on the treadmill.  IMG_6104

I worked through some of the things going through my head, but let me tell you my head was playing some serious games with me. ¬†I figured I¬†might as well let you all in on the thoughts I ¬†have been having, as maybe your too are feeling the same way soooooo here is my mind dump….

Have I trained hard enough??

Did I train too much?

Will I do my 20 miler this c0ming weekend, should I wait till the following weekend??? Run 18 this coming and then 20, maybe vise versa…Do I really need that 20 miler??

My race day nutrition is  still a damn cluster, will I get this figured out during the next two weekends?

UGHHHHHHHHhhhhhh I have two weekends of LONNNGGGGGG runs left, will I survive?

Wow, all this training it’s like a part time job…

I pretty much SUCK¬†lately as a wife. ¬†I get up at 4:15 am, run, go to work, come home, EAT, go to bed early and start it all over again. ¬†I am either running, sleeping or eating. Poor Dana I don’t know how he deals with all of this.

Poor Dana =(

This Cleveland weather has been insane.  What will it be like on race day?

Right now life consists of being hungry, sore and tired…

So many thoughts going through my head.  I need to trust the process, my training and continue on.  The nice thing is that the Boston Marathon is one week from tomorrow.  When I watch that Marathon I feel like my battery gets recharged. This is all part of the training process.  I need to push these thoughts aside and move forward.

Thanks for following along and reading about the crazy that is circling my head. ¬†An extra special thank you to my husband for dealing with my crazy training schedule and still being my #1 supporter. 5 weeks to go, I got this….I think…







About me and my crazy week!


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Hello all!

If you didn’t know this week has been pretty darn crazy. ¬†I had a pretty fun week working with the folks at Stack. ¬†They contacted me about 3 weeks ago wanting to do a story on my weight-loss and goal for the Cleveland Marathon. ¬†I am really impressed on what they put together! ¬†I still watch the video and think wait……is that me?? ¬†The only thing I would have done different is my hair….no seriously I know you all can see the video, I have one curl that is seriously out of place! ¬†I mean couldn’t someone say something =) ¬†If you missed it here is a link to the article/video (plus you know you want to look now to see that darn rouge curl)¬†http://www.stack.com/a/jamie-johnston-200-pound-weight-loss-transformation

Some of my fellow Cleveland Ambassadors have done some fun blog posts, one of the being 20+ things you might not know.  So I decided to follow suit!  So here you go 20 RANDOM things you might not have known about me =)

eating banana

  1. I didn’t start running until about 5 years ago, I had never EVER ran in my life until then
  2. I hated running at first, and seriously thought I was going to die.
  3. I have finished 3 half marathons, and 2 full marathons and I am still trying to figure out my running nutrition.  Seriously my stomach has a love/hate relationship with the long run.
  4. I love a training schedule!  There is just something about knowing what exact training run you will be doing each day of the week.
  5. I love a routine!  Every morning I get up around 4:15, run, and then get ready for work.  You would thinking running that early would cause me to be exhausted all day, but for some reason it energizes me.
  6. I go to bed pretty early at night, yep due to that 4:15 wake up.  I am usually in bed by 9 or earlier.
  7. Running with Reese (my chocolate lab) is pretty much my favorite.  I love looking down and seeing the smile across her face, no seriously she smiles the whole dang time!
  8. I say a prayer before every race. ¬†I have to thank God for this amazing gift, and let’s face it I pray to live through it!
  9. I have race day anxiety like you wouldn’t believe! ¬†As you can tell I don’t do many races and there is a reason for that. ¬†My anxiety gets to me! ¬†I seriously feel ill, and am probably the biggest a$$ on race day mornings (my family usually doesn’t talk to me until the race is over).
  10. For every half and full marathon my husband Dana makes me cupcakes for the finish =)
  11. The cupcakes Dana makes aren’t usually consumed until about 2 hours after the race. ¬†I always say I will have one right at the finish, but that darn stomach of mine is usually a mess.
  12. After every FULL marathon I have finished (2 to be exact) I pretty much swear off of ever running another one, and feel about one step away from death….but yet again here I am training for my 3rd.
  13. I do my hair for EVERY race, yep hairspray and all =)
  14. Running has helped my anxiety BIG time. ¬†I am pretty sure I ‘d be on meds if it weren’t for running.
  15. During the week I usually don’t wash my hair! ¬†Yep due to my morning runs and all my dang hair, I rock the dry shampoo and come Friday I hope for the best =)
  16. Every long run I start off almost crying. ¬†Yep my head gets to me, I think I am going to hate life. ¬†It isn’t till about mile 10 that I think, ok I got this. ¬†Then when I am done I look forward to the next one….it’s a love hate relationship!
  17. After Saturday’s long run I LOVE to drink my smoothie, coffee, graham cracker, and protein bar. ¬†Yep the same darn thing EVERY Saturday, and I look forward to it so very much…during my last mile I am already dreaming of my compression socks and smoothie in hand!
  18. Summer morning runs are my favorite!  I love watching the sun come up and the world come alive!
  19. I oddly don’t mind my treadmill runs. ¬†I find it as a time to better myself and my pace.
  20. Most of the time I don’t feel like a real runner, I almost feel like a fraud. I don’t know why this is! ¬†For some reason I feel that I am not an official runner, I have no idea why this is. ¬†Maybe someday this will change.

I hope you all have a wonderful week!  What are some random running facts about you?

Down with the sickness…


IF you are following me on instagram (@cupcakesforPRs), you can probably see that overall my training has been going well. ¬†I have been doing pretty good pace wise and all my interval/tempo work seems to be falling into place. ¬†Wellllll………..that was until last weekend.

Last week I was out of town traveling to for work BUT I still hit the hotel gym, crushed all my workouts and was feeling pretty good.  Then Saturday came along, I did my 16 mile long run and felt like my 8:08 pace was pretty fantastic.  I was also feeling pretty good as I took my honey stinger gel with me, taking it at mile 6.5 and had ZERO stomach issues!!!  However after my long run I was feeling a little bit more tired than normal, and I could feel this scratchy feeling in the back of my throat.

Sunday I decided to push on with an easy 6 outside with my running buddy Reese. ¬†My chocolate lab Reese loves to run with me, and I try to make Sunday mornings our day. ¬†Our quick and easy 6 left me feeling less than fantastic. ¬†I tried to put my strong face on but I could tell I was getting SICK….

Monday morning I woke up feeling like death……CRAP! ¬†Monday’s are my interval days, maybe I could just sneak to the basement, try these intervals out and head back to bed afterwards. ¬†That is when my husband saw me. ¬†He said hey are you feeling aright? ¬†He knew I was feeling pretty cruddy the night before. ¬†I told him I wasn’t feeling the best but was going to run. ¬†Dana quick talked some sense into me, and I honestly knew no miles needed to be done…I WAS SICK.

I reached out to all my running friends on Facebook….WHAT DO I DO!?!?!??! ¬†This isn’t part of the Hanson’s Marathon Method!!! ¬†Sickness, NOT RUNNING! ¬†WHAT THE ****** ¬†I am training for a marathon, I don’t have time for this! ¬†Well, at times life happens and we have to be adaptable.

I was sicker than sick and didn’t leave bed from Monday-Wednesday, at one point I even think my husband threatened to unplug the treadmill, if I even thought about training and running. ¬†I needed to rest! ¬†I honestly haven’t been that sick in a long time! ¬†Tuesday was my usually scheduled rest day, so I guess that made me feel a bit better. ¬†However, I still lost training days on Monday and Wednesday. ¬†GUESS what??? ¬†My body needed REST! ¬†The flu I had was terrible and I still am not back to 100%.

I heard from many running friends that rest was the best thing to do.  You need to rest your body and fight the sickness, not to mention my 101 temperature. In the back of my head I knew everything would be fine, but I am not going to lie I was still worried.

After resting, I decided I needed to slowly get back to things. ¬†I don’t want to push my body as it’s still recovering, and I DON’T want to have this flu come back! ¬†Thursday I did a very slow 6 miles, Friday was a slow 8, Saturday a slow and easy 10 (inside as it was a bit chilly out), today (Sunday) I did a nice an easy 7 with Reese. ¬†Tomorrow I am back to intervals. ¬†I am going to go at it nice and easy, making sure NOT to overdo it.

I am lucky as I still have over a month left of training, so if one were to get sick it’s better to get sick now rather than during peak training. ¬†So my advice to you as you are gearing up for Cleveland…if you get sick, take care of you! ¬†It’s ok to take a day heck even a week off to rest and get better. ¬†In the long run you will be thankful you did!! ¬†Also, make sure to take it nice and slow as you get¬†back into training. ¬†Your body needs to adjust as it was just fighting something terrible.

Also my PSA, if you are sick and stuck in bed treat yourself to some netflix as daytime TV is just terrible, especially the VIEW… that is just CRAP! ¬†You can never get that hour back NEVER!!!

How is your training going?  Have you managed to dodge the flu?  Have you been sidelined by sickness?





Ambassador Giveaway!

Hello all!!

As many of you can see I am the Ambassador of the week for the Cleveland Rite Aid Marathon, which means I have a super awesome giveaway!!!!  I have an entry to the Cleveland Marathon (any distance) to raffle off!

With that being said!!¬† I am going to use my Instagram @cupcakesforPRs and right here my blog =)¬† All week I will be posting on Istagram, letting you know how you can enter.¬† Today just a fun comment here with what distance you’d sign up for if you won will enter you into the raffle!






It’s not always rainbows and butterflies…

Hello all!!!!  I hope you have been following my running adventure/training for the Cleveland Marathon via Instagram @cupcakesforPRs.  I try to post often and let you all know what my training week looks like.  Training for the most part has been going well.  I feel pretty strong, and have been staying with my training plan.

However…..IF you check out my instagram, you see all mostly positive running posts, which for the most part it is BUT there are some days running just doesn’t click! ¬†For me my mind takes over and I have to convince myself that I am capable of doing it. ¬†I think the mental game is at times harder than the physical one.

So today was one of those days. ¬†I wanted to blog about it as I am sure this has happened to others and I want you to know you are NOT alone. ¬†So today’s training called for 15 miles. ¬†Well those 15 miles are done on some pretty tired legs as my training this week involved Monday-9 miles with intervals, Tuesday-no running but lifting, Wednesday-11 miles with 10+ at marathon pace, Thursday-8 easy paced miles (8:30ish) with PM lifting, Friday- 4 easy miles (8:40ish) plus a 60 min spin class. ¬†So as you can tell my legs NOT FRESH (much like my gym clothes).

I got up this morning and didn’t want to run, nope not at all. ¬†I looked over at my husband and he could see that all over my face. ¬†I stayed in bed a little longer and even offered to cuddle (which if you know me, it’s not my style). ¬†After about 30min I looked at my phone to see the weather situation. ¬†A little chilly, not terrible BUT maybe some icey spots…. I HATE ice. ¬†I texted with one of my fellow ambassadors, talking about running outside or inside. ¬†We had a good little convo. (thanks Jess.) and I felt more motivated to get the long run in.

I got up and got ready, then grabbed my water bottle and towel. ¬†Downstairs to the dreadmill. ¬†This is when it happened……BREAKDOWN!! ¬†Yep, tears…. I am never ever running a marathon again, I can’t do this, what did I get myself into, I can’t run, why do I think I can run, I’m not even good at running, running sucks, my legs are sore….MORE TEARS. ¬†Poor Dana joined me in the basement, witnessing the break down in all it’s glory (I don’t know how he handles my crazy at times).

Dana gave me a much needed pep talk, reminded me how far I have come. ¬†He even told me I was his hero (yelling through I tears I may have told him he needed a new F*N hero…sorry Dana). ¬†Well I cued up the netflix and got it started.

After a few miles I found my grove.  I plugged the treadmill pace at 8:13, got the Netflix going with the movie Desert Runners (seriously great movie to watch on the dreadmill).  Once I got my mess of a self together, I crushed those 15 miles.

So yes, it’s not always rainbows and butterflies. ¬†I don’t always jump out of bed eager to take on the miles. ¬†However, I dig deep call on my support (thank God for Dana) and usually get it done. ¬†So dig deep friends, we got this! ¬†One foot in front of the other, mile by mile LET’S DO THIS THING!!



This support of my husband keeps be going!



Tips for cold weather training…


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Well here we are in the heart of winter! ¬†UGHHHHHhhhhhhh! ¬†I am thankful this winter isn’t nearly as bad as last, but let’s face it…it’s still winter. ¬†I am 3 weeks into my training cycle and have to say I am feeling pretty strong. ¬†For those of you following along here is a recap of the past two week’s training adventures:

Monday-9 miles (intervals) 2 mile warm up, 12×400 with 400 recovery, 1 mile cool down.
Tuesday- 7 easy miles
Wednesday-7 easy miles (am) + chest/shoulder work (pm)
Thursday- 7 easy miles (am)+ biceps and triceps (pm)
Friday- 3 easy miles then 60min spin class
Saturday- 10 mile long run
Sunday- 6 easy miles + AB work
Monday- 8.5 miles (intervals) 2 mile warm up, 8×600 with 400 recovery, 1 mile cool down.
Tuesday- Rest (am), chest & Shoulder, back work (pm)
Wednesday- 9 miles (tempo day) 2 mile warm up, 6 tempo miles, 1 mile cool down
Thursday- 7 easy miles (am)+ biceps/triceps/legs (pm)
Friday- 3 easy miles then 60min spin class
Saturday- 10 mile long run
Sunday- 6 easy miles +AB work

So I think I am off to a pretty solid start!  With that being said I thought I would give some of the tips I have learned for surviving training under the winter months:

  1. Always have a plan and try your best to follow it! ¬†I am using the Hanson’s Marathon Method, but there are many amazing plans out there. ¬†Pick one and use it! (I guess this goes for winter and other months).
  2. If you get worried about the cold/ice, don’t run outside…yep not worth it! ¬†Find a gym with a treadmill!! ¬†My treadmill is the ONLY reason I can make winter training possible, I dislike the cold and fell on black ice a few years ago…not making that mistake again.
  3. Intervals and Tempo runs are KEY.  Not only will these types of runs make you faster, BUT they help the time past by rather quickly when stuck indoors on the treadmill.
  4. Music!!! ¬†I am so very fortunate to have a treadmill in the basement and some days that basement becomes a fricken CLUB. ¬†That’s right the music is BLASTING and I am getting those miles in. ¬†The music echoes throughout the house, the only thing missing are a few adult beveragesūüėČ ¬†I do have to admit during the holidays when my parents were here, it was a bit embarrassing when Move B!tc# came blaring throughout the house. Seriously though what is a club without some LUUUUDAAAA =)
  5. Netflix!!!  Seriously thank you Netflix for getting me through my long runs!  My latest obsession includes Parenthood, Orange is the New Black, and for some reason Food Truck Wars.  Just pick a show, pick your pace, and GO!
  6. Cover up the dang screen! ¬†Unless you are doing intervals cover the treadmill screen up! ¬†Watching the number of miles you are at will make this workout feel like FOREVER. ¬†Pick your pace, lock in, and make it happen. ¬†I usually tell myself I can’t look at the milage until a show is over, or I’ve listened to a certain number of songs.
  7. Watch your form. ¬†If you can have a mirror near by USE it. ¬†It isn’t often that we can actually see ourselves run. ¬†The mirror allows you to see how your form is, and if you need to make any adjustments.
  8. DIG DEEP! ¬†Not all treadmill runs will be dance parties or netflix binge dreams…some will just suck. ¬†You will have to dig deep to get through it…
  9. Bribe yourself…yep along with digging deep you may have to bribe yourself to get it done. ¬†For me I always think of the coffee and smoothie that is waiting for me when I finish.
  10. Remember there are only a few short months left of winter. ¬†Use this time to crush that pace you’ve always wanted to get. ¬†Also, when we do get a nice day ENJOY the outdoor run and don’t take it for granted.

Happy Miles and Training!!






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