That PERFECT moment!

As many of you know, Dana and I recently moved into our HOUSE!  Thank goodness, this was sure a long time coming =)  We are so very thankful to be here, I feel like I am living in a dream some days.  A special thank you to you all for dealing with all of our Facebook posts, as I am sure they get annoying we just want to share our experience with some of our loved ones (unfollow works if you are really sick of it).

Do you ever find yourself saying…I will do this when X happens. For example I will buy that perfect dress I have been looking at when I lose 5 pounds, I will go for a run/walk/hike when it’s nice out, well I am waiting to use this item as I want the moment to be perfect.  I will give my grandma/grandpa a call when I have more time to talk.

I too have been like that!  I will have a new clothing item or something that I hold back using just waiting for the PERFECT moment, or that exact right time. OR I build this thing up so much in my head that when it does happen, I can’t ever meet my own expectations. This move has really taught me that there really isn’t a perfect moment, nope not really.

This happened recently and really put things into perceptive for me.  We have a great new outdoor space with a fireplace and patio (I know you all are like we know Jamie we have seen the pictures) BUT we were waiting for that perfect moment to have our first fire and enjoy it.  I had this vision in my head, the fire crackling maybe some rain outside, a glass of wine, maybe some stuff to make some smores….oh music, music is a must (yes I built this sucker up BIG TIME).

So this morning I woke up and looked at the fireplace and thought oh man I would really love a fire this morning, but we haven’t had that perfect moment to have one yet.  Then I started thinking more, with how life has been lately it has taught me there are no guarantees and you can have the best plans and intentions BUT life might have other ideas.  So I finally said to Dana.  Let’s just do it, lets have a fire this morning!  He then said, but I have been waiting for the perfect moment.  To which I surprisingly said, this is it…this is the perfect moment. Thinking in my head this is perfect because WE make this moment perfect.  You know what, it was just perfect! We enjoyed the nice fire with some coffee this morning, and it was so very nice.  Just think of all those days we wasted because the perfect moment wasn’t here yet.


Had to make sure everything was working right =)


and the PERFECT moment…


This PERFECT moment was enjoyed by all =) 

I do stuff like this to myself all the time and it’s ridiculous.  This move has taught me that I need to live in the moment I am in MORE!!!!  It’s ok if I don’t run 8 miles every morning, you know what you might even miss some runs BECAUSE LIFE HAPPENS.  That perfect moment that you built up in your head, well it can’t happen because well it’s just not realistic. If you want the outfit BUY it, who cares about the 5…10….20…50 pounds oreos are real and that outfit will look fantastic IF YOU FEEL FANTASTIC!

I know this has been a rather lengthily story and I have brought it in many directions, but my point is….don’t spend your life waiting for that perfect moment, don’t be so darn hard on yourself.  Don’t waste the days, months or even years before doing/trying something or NOT doing something (it’s ok to give yourself a break).  The perfect moment is RIGHT NOW, because YOU make it perfect! Also try to be easy on yourself, this life is here for you to enjoy….spend more time doing that. That is what I am fighting like heck to do more of.







2017 What a YEAR!

Well, it’s that time of the year.  You look back at the year and think wow what a great year or mehhh…or even BYE FELICIA!  I am somewhere in the middle of ALL of these.  If you have been following along with team Johnston you know this year was filled with adventure…serious adventure.  If you think about it Dana and I have been living in Ohio for the past 8 years, in our house, enjoying life, in our own little comfort zone.  Me I love a routine so 99.9% of the time you can find me doing the same exact routine.  THEN BOOOOMMMMM that ALL changed!

As Many of you know in October 2016 we found out Dana’s company was being relocated to Georgia.  We had a big decision to make!  We were so very fortunate as we got to visit GA a few times to be sure this was the right move for us.  We decided to do it, make it happen.  This meant a LOT of change.


First Visit to GA!


When we decided to move to GA and found a lot! 


We had no clue what was in store for us, just two crazy OH folks that found a place to build.

I had to stop my usual routine, and embrace a life of adventure and consistent change.  Quit a job I really enjoyed…yes it had it’s ups and downs but I worked with some pretty great students and had some pretty amazing co-workers/mentors.  I had to say goodbye to my Edge family (spin studio), which I still get a little teary eyed thinking about on Fridays (I would go ever Friday am, even had my own bike…well it was mine in my eyes 😉 ) , Had to embrace so much unknown.

Dana didn’t have to quit a job, but he too had to embrace change.  Moving into a new work location, with some unknowns as to which co-workers would be joining him and what the future looked like.

I could go by step by step about everything we have been through, but I am sure everyone knows.  I will break it down by the ups and the downs =) Here are some of the downs or our “transition”

  • Sending our furbabies to WI for the summer, yes we know they were well taken care of, but they are our family!!!  However we know there was no way we could have sold the house with them in it. Also we knew it would be stressful on them to be in our home while it was being shown.IMG_1089
  • Selling our house! We loved that place and some of our dear neighbors.  We built that that house right after we got married!  Tons of memories were made there.



  • Picking out our essential belongings.  I mean come on what exactly will you need for at the time would be 2-3 months (yes…yes more like 4-6 months).
  • Quitting my job!  I was so very scared to be jobless.  I kind of felt like a loser, having to say goodbye to a job I liked…wasn’t leaving on any bad terms, but leaving as we had to move.  This was dang stressful, more stressful than I really let anyone know!

    My amazing going away party at Cleveland State. 



    Trying to stay strong as I left my office in Cleveland. 

  • Embracing the unknown…as I have said before I love a routine.  Well that wasn’t happening with the whole you don’t have a job, now you have a job, you have a place to live, now you have to move….yep no routine and once I got into one well that was changing.
  • The hurricane!  YEP as soon as we moved to GA there was a dang hurricane that came through.  We had no idea what to expect!  Oh yea… this was the first week we were in GA!
  • Our house taking longer than expected.  Remember that whole Oct. 31st closing date…yea me too…oh we still aren’t in our home!


    It will be worth the wait!!!

  • With the house taking longer than expected, we had to move to a new temporary living location.
  • The temporary living location being an air bnb that might also have other bookings, so having to decide on the spot if we need to extend our stay when these bookings come in.
  • Oh that temporary living location, well they are also trying to sell that house.  So now we are dealing with some showings (3 so far), yea that has been fun).
  • 8+ inches of SNOW.  Yes we moved to GA, and had a freak snowstorm come through.  This caused us to be without electricity or heat for 1 1/2 days…oh and we couldn’t go anywhere due to the ice and trees that were down.IMG_3580
  • Job interviews for me.  Seriously when you work somewhere for 8 years, you are in your comfort zone  Now you need to make yourself look nice, and try to sell yourself.  This took a whole lot of guts and grit……not the easiest of times for sure.

All right I think I have talked enough about all the bad.  Let’s talk about all the good from this adventure! The ups of 2017…

  • In between the Ohio and Georgia adventure we got to spend 1+ weeks in WI, enjoying life at the cottage. PLUS DANA’S FAMILY CAME!!

    A surprise visit from grandma and grandpa Johnston!


    Annual trip to Paul Bunyan


    Dana’s grandma makes the BEST CAKE!

  • I have learned more and more to embrace change.  God is in control as much as I may try and control things.
  • We got those fubabies BACK!  YAYYEAAYYYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAY!!!!!!!IMG_2308
  • I had the opportunity to be without a job for 2+ months, I was able to explore GA, have late afternoon runs, and just enjoy life (well kinda, I was always kind of stressed about the whole not having a job thing).IMG_2473
  • I GOT A JOB!  Seriously so happy about this.  I love love LOVE Reinhardt!!!  I can’t say that enough.  I wish I could find the words to describe the staff and students, for now I will just say AMAZING!

    Traded in my Viking Card for an EagleCard


    First week on campus, planting a tree


    My new campus!!!

  • We have had the opportunity to build our dream home.  I seriously can’t wait to live there, it really is turning out way better than I expected.


    A sneak peak of the back =)

  • I found a place to get my hair down…I mean if you know me, you know this is a big deal =)IMG_3698

I think this year has been by FAR the most challenging!  It has tested us, BUT has brought me even closer to my amazing husband as I know we can tackle anything together.  IMG_3298.JPG

I have learned so much more about myself this year and really what I am capable of.  I have also learned that change isn’t too bad.  Also I mean when the Johnston’s make a change they do it up RIGHT… quit a job, sell a house, move, build a house, find a new job, move temporary locations…….aren’t those the top life changes =)

2018 I am so ready for you!  I can’t WAIT to see what you bring us… I have a feeling it’s going to be amazing.

Happy New Year y’all!




A much needed update!


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Hello November,

I know it’s been awhile since I have sat down and did a blog, I have so many excuses with the main one being…. WE MOVED!!!  Not only did we move, we moved clear across the US.  So a little back story on that, last November we found out my husband was being relocated to Georgia for his job.  We had the option of staying in Ohio, or making the move.  After much thought, we decided what the heck….let’s do this thing!


Moving Announcement

The first step in this big transition was selling our house.  Well, putting a house in order and keeping it clean with two chocolate labs can be a bit of a challenge.  So my parents were so great and took the girls for most of the summer.  This was so very hard, but the only way we could make sure our house was in order and our dogs weren’t stressed.  So the girls spent the summer on the lake (really terrible life 😉 ) while Dana and I put the house on the market and started this transitional rollercoaster.


The girls all packed up for their summer vacation! 

The house was put on the market and we had a ton of showings.  After about 2 months (I think, it’s all a blur) it SOLD!!!  I will never forget the moment the offer came in, Dana and I were in the kitchen and our realtor called…it was pretty exciting!  During that another offer came in and folks were in a bidding war!!  We might have been jumping up and down in the kitchen yelling bidding war!



WHEWWWWWwww it was sure a relief to get the house sold, so one of the BIG steps was out of the way.  Now comes the packing/moving.  Well we got so wrapped up in selling the house, we really didn’t think through all the logistics.  Our home closed but we had 2 weeks until we could be in our Georgia temporary living.  SOOOOOOOOOOoooo time to go to WI, pick up those girls and spend some time up at the lake (I mean why not) plus it really makes sense to go to Georgia by the way of Wisconsin!


Moving Truck


Saying goodbye to our first house

During our time in Wisconsin we were able to see some family, enjoy some rest and somewhat relaxation (can you really relax during a transition like this?).  Dana’s family even came and surprised him for a belated 40th birthday celebration!  It was a pretty fantastic 2 weeks, in the middle of all our crazy.


A surprise visit from grandma and grandpa Johnston!


Dana’s grandma makes the BEST CAKE!


Annual trip to Paul Bunyan

My parents were nice enough to help us make the move to Georgia.  Mom and Dad traveled with the dogs (bless their hearts) and we had the Acadia packed with all our “essential belongings”.  We decided to make the WHOLE drive, I think it was a total of 14ish hours.  It wasn’t too bad until we were in the mountains, I was driving…. well you see the movers packed my glasses that I need for night time driving…AND I HAVE NEVER driven through the mountains.  Let’s just say there were some white knuckles.

We made our way, stayed the night at the only hotel we could find (that could take dogs) its as pretty darn interesting, but hey we survived.  We then made our way to our temporary living location.  The temporary apartment is pretty nice and on the 1st floor, which makes it nice for outdoor potty trips with the girls.  Now we have the temporary apartment for 90 days, which should be more than enough time to get the house built and us there. While Mom and Dad were here we explored GA, it was sure nice to have them here during this time.


Fun during Mom and Dad’s visit

During the month of September and part of October I became a stay at home puppy mom.  I honestly didn’t mind this time AT ALL.  I  enjoyed spending time with the dogs, afternoon runs, and getting to know the new area where we lived.


That one time I took BOTH DOGS to the vet, silly silly idea! Treats help to bribe them =) 

The role of full time puppy Mom ended in October when I became the Coordinator of Student Activities and Service at Reinhardt University.  I was a bit bummed as it’s not the director or dean role I would like to have, BUT at the same time it’s at a small private college (the type of college I always wanted to be at) and the students and staff are pretty darn amazing.  It also is kind of nice working directly with the students again.  Overall this whole job thing has been pretty amazing!!!


Traded in my Viking Card for an EagleCard


First week on campus, planting a tree


My new campus!!!

Weelllllllllllllllllllll some of the best made plans, are just that plans. You can try your best to have everything work  BUT when things are out of your control they just might not.  Remember when I said our temporary living is good for 90 days, well those 90 days are up at the end of this month and guess what?!?!??!?!?!!  YEP the house isn’t done.  So that added some stress to our situation.  Where do two folks move to?? Oh yea also keep in mind we have two 70lb chocolate labs! After tears and searching, we found a place!!  We will be moving to a lake house by where I work!!  We will be making this transition at the end of the month with the hopes of being there for 2 weeks.  I know the girls will love being out of apartment life, and I am pretty sure living on a lake won’t be too terrible =)

During our time in Georgia we have been trying to make the best out of our situation.  Exploring the new area where we live, spending time with the dogs (we missed them so very much), watching our house slowly get completed (it sure is going to be fantastic once it’s done), I have been enjoying GA and running finally getting over my injuries and loving the sport again.


In the next couple weeks we have some transition AGAIN but will also be with family (always makes things a big easier).  My inlaws will be joining us for thanksgiving.  Now I was pretty sad we wouldn’t be in our house for when they come BUT it isn’t about WHERE you are it’s about who you are with!

So as you can tell life has been crazy busy.  Now that is all my personal life stuff.  I know this blog is about my fitness/running journey so a little bit on that.  Running has been going well BUT Georgia is dang hilly!  I have been taking on some pretty hill routes and do find myself getting stronger each and every week.


Weight loss wise I am at the end of the weight loss part and am entering maintenance.  A phase I have NEVER been in, so that is going to be some trial and error, BUT I am pretty darn happy that I have reached this part of my journey.


Enjoying halloween dressed as a black bear at night =) 


Thank you all so much for your kind messages, texts, e-mails and comments.  We are doing well, life has just been busy =)  I hope to be blogging a bit more (always a goal of mine).  Thanks for letting me share all of this and for staying with me while I went silent on the blog front.


Up in the trees, this new house will be HOME soon. 

I hope y’all are doing well (See what I did there),



HEELLLLLOOOO from the other side…


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WOWWWWAAAA!!!  What a morning!  I work up at 4:45am to get my day started.  You’d think it was just a normal day and I was heading out the door for my am run, NOT today!  Today I was heading down for the Cleveland Marathon.  Now you must be thinking well Jamie runs that thing every year, so that makes sense!  Well…. not this year my friends.  I knew awhile back that running this race at my very best wasn’t going to happen.  So I decided to sit this one out.  I am still VERY happy about this decision.

I love being an ambassador for this race and this year my post race blog is from the side of being a spectator.  First off just like anyone going downtown, you need to be sure of your route and where you think you’ll park.  I am lucky as my husband usually figures this out for me, but this year I was riding solo.  I left my house around 5:30, downtown by 6 and parked by about 6:15.  I should have left just a little earlier but I was all right (thankfully), oh and I snagged the last parking spot in the lot I was in!!!

I made my way to the starting line, which wasn’t hard to find!  Just follow all the people!  I loved to see the runners from this side of the race, as it was so obvious that everyone was riding that pre-race high and full of anxiety.   I am not going to lie, I didn’t miss my crazy pre-race jitters.  It was nice to be relaxed with my coffee on the sidelines.

First I met up with my amazing students!!!  I had 3 of them meet me and talk about their race day strategy.  I have been giving them little tips here and there as they trained (hope it helped).  We had a little pre-race chat and I KNEW they were set and ready to crush this thing. WHY DIDN’T WE GET A PICTURE?!?!?!??!

I was then able to connect with some of my race ambassadors.  I have MISSED those folks like crazy.  I have had a lot going on and haven’t been able to see them as much as I would have liked.  I did get some fantastic hugs and hellos!

At this point I decided to kick it into gear and head out to about mile 1(ish) this way I could see all those amazing runners as they were just getting out into the streets of Cleveland.  THIS WAS ONE OF MY FAVORITE PARTS!  I got to see all my running friends, and for once I was on the sidelines encouraging them!!!  It was pretty darn cool!!  I did Facebook live some of it, so feel free to take a peek if you are one of my Facebook friends. Some awesome highlight did include a high from fellow ambassador Deb AND getting to run in my flip-flops along side Step and Susan….. AND cheering so loud for ambassador JILL!!!

I then thought it would be cool to head out into the course a bit.  I knew of this awesome spot around mile 17/20 where you get to see the marathon runners twice.  I headed out there in rocky river and camped out for some of the morning.  I got to see all my crazy running friends at the hardest miles, they sure looked strong.  I then started to text my friend Dan, as I knew my sole sister should be coming in with the 4 hour folks, but her tracker was all crazy.  He then said he too was having some issues which concerned him as he had planed to PROPOSE to her at the FINISH LINE!!!  Wellllppppp I told him I would stay put and text him when I saw here, so we could be sure of where she was at on the course….don’t you know she was right with those 4 hour pacers!

I stayed around the 17/20 mile area for most of the morning, but knew I wanted to get back downtown as HELLO there was an engagement about to happen.  I went back and forth on staying as I had two dear friends that I really wanted to see, but ummmm I’m a sap and this engagement….yea I needed to be there!  I got back up to the rocky river whole foods where I was parked and made my way back downtown.  At this point it was raining but nothing terrible.

I once again lucked out finding a parking spot, and knew I needed to book it as it was 10:50 and Steph would be coming in around 11!  It started to downpour and my dang flip-flops were a slipping!  Flip-flops=BAD in rain!!  I made it just in time!!!  I saw it all go down!!!  IT was AMAZING!!!!  I was able to give them both hugs and can’t wait to hear more about it when they both come back to reality.

So overall I think it was a pretty fantastic day.  The Cleveland 40th anniversary, one for the record books and as always some epic weather.  I enjoyed being on the sidelines and cheering for everyone.  At one point a lady asked me how I knew so many runners, it then really kind of hit me… I DO!!  I am kinda of a runner and kind of a runner that loves a Cleveland race =)

Cheering is pretty exhausting, I took a nap when I got home…..after drying off!  I am pretty sure this purple jacket of mine is a jinx as every time I wear it to a race, the weather has a mind of it’s own!!!!


Thanks again Cleveland Marathon for another amazing race.  I hope to be back next year….but until then I am going to enjoy my journey, as I am slowly falling in love with running again AND IT’S GREAT!!!





Helloooooo this is LIFE….


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Hello all!

I am sure you have noticed that I haven’t been too social on the social media lately.  Life has just been BUSY!!!!  You ever have that moment where you finally get to sit down, then realize oh my goodness it’s 8:30pm only a half hour till bed.  I mean I seriously go to bed pretty early as I am up at the crack of dawn to log some miles =)

Anyways… training for this years Cleveland Half sure hasn’t been going as planned.  There have been some illnesses, we all remember this sick little face…

injuries (dang hamstring)…


and well just LIFE…  Training has taken the backseat.  Which honestly hasn’t happened to me since like 2011 when I took on this journey (remember that whole lost over 180 pound journey).  So oddly, it was soooo needed.

It was like I set forth to have BALANCE in my life this year, and only was embracing it in my head…. I still was doing WAY too much and probably taking my body to places it shouldn’t have been going, when it really just wanted me to RELAX.

With all of this being said I have made a HUGE decision.  I say HUGE because for me this is kind of a big deal, BUT it’s what’s best for me.  I will NOT be running the Cleveland Half Marathon….sighhhhhh….. that feels like a huge weight being lifted off my shoulders!!!  My body can’t do it this year, my body needs a little tiny mini break.  Honestly my mind needs it too.  You see I can’t ever go into a race and just race for fun…..NOPE sorry, I am NOT that girl… seriously look at that race face…..

If I am in a race, I am at that starting line putting everything into it.  I am too darn competitive to run a race for fun.  If I want to run for fun, I can do that ANY day right around my neighborhood.  For me the second I put that race bib on, I am on a PR hunt.  I know if I line up on that start line for the Cleveland Half I will more than likely injure myself more, or maybe even NOT be able to finish.  This just isn’t in the cards for me this year and guess what, that’s ok (I have to keep telling myself that)!

So for now I am going to continue to listen to my body, enjoy my spin classes, log some nice early morning miles, and ENJOY time with my family and HUSBAND. I mean look how much fun we have together ❤ ❤ ❤

Sorry to those I have let down or disappointed with this decision BUT I need to focus on me.  I will come back STRONGER and BETTER… just WATCH.  Also a special thank you to the Cleveland Marathon.  Thanks for letting me be an Ambassador this year.  I still love your dang race, just can’t run it… I will be on the sidelines with some signs….maybe a blow horn to “encourage” my other running friends (I can finally be that girl).

I have some ideas on what this means for me, and some ideas on what a great come back race MAY be BUT you know what….. for now, for now I am just going to be =)





What if I fail??


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Failure is something we all try to avoid right?  Something that is BAD, TERRIBLE, MUST be avoided at ALL costs.  Well, for me failure is my biggest fear (hello being vulnerable on my blog).  It’s true.  I don’t want to fail!!  I also think my definition of failure is pretty strict, I hold myself to some pretty high standards.

To me I fail if I don’t accomplish anything I set out to do.  My biggest fear failure is to gain all my weight back!  I DON’T WANT TO GO BACK HERE…


I also think that failure means not running a certain amount of miles or adhering to a certain nutrition program every week……. well that’s just kinda silly right?  However it’s true….remember I am being honest and vulnerable here? =)

If you have been following along with me via instagram and Facebook you would know that I am kinda injured.  I say kinda as really do runners EVER really fully admit to being hurt???


Well, my dang hamstrings are a mess, and to be honest it’s a damn miracle I have lasted this long without being injured.  Seriously think about it.  I never REALLLLLLLLYYYYY took a break from training.  If I am being 100% honest, which I think I am being (back to that whole this blog is about being vulnerable and honest) 8 miles most days well that’s just crazzzzzzzyyyyyy.

So now I have been really listening to my body, trying to balance out my nutrition AND have been doing things I LOVE!  For example today I am pretty exhausted as I worked 10+ hours last night, before I would have felt that I HAD to run today (as I didn’t run yesterday)…..even if I was exhausted.  Well I am recovering from this injury so guess what… I got a little rest and am relaxing today….gasssssppppppppp!

Also I have always had it in my head that I needed to get in so many miles every week.  Some weeks I would have rather went to my Wednesday and Friday spinning classes, but I didn’t as I wouldn’t hit my miles (yes some silly number in my head).   I love spin and last week rested, AND went to class Wednesday and Friday!!

I think this injury was God’s way of making me slowdown, seriously friends I needed this.  In my head I do however feel like I am some kind of failure.



Here I am an ambassador of the Cleveland Marathon, and am NOT training.  I haven’t been blogging much as well, I feel like in some way I am letting folks down BUT guess what?!?!  This happens to folks!!!  I should be posting this stuff, as I am sure other folks are having similar issues/problems.  So yes I am an injured runner, but oddly I am embracing the suck and improving myself.

So now what?!?!  Will I run the Cleveland Half Marathon in May???  Will this hamstring issue heal itself??  You know what????  I just don’t know and that IS OK!

For now I am going to take it slow! I am going to foam roll, I have some new shoes I order ed (they will be here tomorrow!!!!!) …going to rest a bit more, go to a few more spin classes….get back into this slowly.  I am even going to do my favorite thing, take on some morning runs and watch the sun come up!!!



I told you all this was my year of balance, God just needed to show me what balance was truly about!

What obstacles are you currently facing?  How are you combating them?

#embracethesuckandmovetheFU*Kforward =)




Not exactly as planned…


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Happy Sunday all!

I hope your Sunday is filled with glorious miles or even some much needed rest.  Sundays are always my rest days.  I use to struggle so bad with the rest day, like ummmm what do I do with myself I NEED to exercise or do some type of physical activity.  My amazing coach (thanks Katie, check out my amazing coach she’s doing some AWESOME STUFF) and some friends helped me with that, and let me tell you these rest days are now looked forward to and enjoyed! Life is too short and we work to hard to not take a break and recharge.

It’s that time of year where sickness is around us!  Everyone has colds, flu, sinus issues, just NASTY crap going around.  Well, if you follow me on Instagram you will see that I too got the sickness!!! In this picture here it was about 6:00pm and I was in bed, with my jacket on trying to locate my sunglasses (on my head).


This sickness was brutal and on top of it I ended up with a terrible ear infection.  So needless to say my training had to take the backseat.  I listened to my body and took some rest days.  I only averaged about 20ish miles this week.  I HAD to listen to my body!!

Well, now that the sickness is over, I felt like I could take on training full steam ahead….WRONG!  DANG IT!  My hamstring has been bugging me like crazy, soooooo hello foam roller!!  I have been foam rolling like a crazy lady AND taking advantage of my local spin studio.

I have realized a lot during this training (so far) and you know that that is?  LIFE HAPPENS!!  It sure does!  There are things we just can’t control.  I have seen many people post about sickness, injury, or the fact that they have been stuck on the treadmill due to the winter and being freeze babies.  Guess what??? It’s OKKKKKK!  Keep doing what YOU can.

There are so may times we beat ourselves up over the things we can’t do.  We need to (including myself) be better at celebrating what we CAN do.  So your long run didn’t go as planned…you got the sickness… have some injury that is nagging you.  YOU DO YOU, figure out a plan to move forward.  You only can control SO MUCH.  YOU DO YOU and guess what you’re exactly where you need to be.

Keep going strong friends!  We have a little over 2 months yet, plenty of time to take on some awesome miles and plenty of time for LIFE to happen.  Don’t stress…… ROLL with it (or foam roll, hahah see what I did there =) )




The training begins…now what?!

At this point in the process you have probably signed up for your Cleveland Marathon Event.  You have made the choice!!!!  You are going to go about that 5k, maybe take on the half, maybe you are FULLY crazy.  No matter what the distance congratulations on making your decision.  The Cleveland Marathon experience is amazing!  I have had the joy of running the half marathon (3 times) and the full (1 time).  This year I will be taking on the HALF!!  My focus is SPEED =)  OHHHHHHHHH and I joined team Bright Pink, so I will be doing some fundraising for an amazing organization ( <— feel free to donate =)

So now that you signed up you might be thinking, EKKKKK what to do?!?!  Here are some helpful tips moving forward:

  1. Find a training schedule that fits YOUR lifestyle.  Yes you will be tempted with tons of training plans, folks that claim they can coach you, and well pinterest does have some interesting programs too.  Find something you can make work for you.
  2. Try to follow your training plan the best you can!  Yes life WILL happen!  You may miss a training run or 5…..that is OK, remember you are doing this for fun and to better yourself.  Stay the course and do the best you can do.
  3. Make sure you have support.  The love and support of those around you is key.  This will be so very helpful on the days when you think you just can’t do it.  Use these supporters =)
  4. SHOES!  Don’t get me wrong I love some shoes, especially PINK running shoes BUT not all shoes work for all people.  I highly suggest you head on over to your local running store and get fitted for a pair of running shoes.  If the shoes aren’t in your color, that is OK!  You don’t want to be out there with some cute shoes, limping along….trust me, buy the shoes that work!
  5. Fuel your body!  Make sure you keep things on hand to help with RUNger…yes that is a term.  When you are training, you are needing to fuel you body.  Make sure you keep some good things on hand.  You might be tempted to take down a whole pizza, or indulge in some donuts…hey that’s ok once and awhile, but you will find the better you fuel your body the better you will feel.
  6. Engage with other runners!  The Cleveland Marathon has great ambassadors you can follow…they post some amazing tips…AMBASSADOR LINK, also check out the training pages on Facebook Facebook Page Link.
  7. Trust the process.  Some days will be dang hard and other days you will feel like a unicorn dancing on a rainbow.  Take the good with the bad and KEEP GOING.
  8. Always envision the finish!  When training, thinking about race day, think of yourself crushing that thing.  One main part of training is the mental game (trust me I know), so mentally get yourself ready.  Envision that finish and all your loved ones there cheering for you.
  9. Long Runs = Game Day.  Use your long runs to simulate race day.  This goes for the fuel, what you eat before…during….and after your runs, how you hydrate…..oh and that race gear…wear what you plan on wearing race day.  You need to know what fuel works/agrees with your stomach…also how is that super cute running top going to feel after taking on some serious miles.
  10. Remember your AWESOME!  It takes a lot of guts, strength and amazingness to sign up and train for one of these events.  I’m going to insert the cheese here BUT you truly are lapping EVERYONE on the couch.  You got this!

My training is in full force, here is a look at what my week involve =)

Monday– Speed intervals, 400’s at 6:40 pace…. 8 miles total with warm-up/cool-down

Tuesday– Morning recovery, easy paced miles…..6.5 miles total, Evening- weight lifting

Wednesday– Tempo run at 7:19 pace for 3 miles….. 8 miles total with warm-up/cool-down

Thursday– Morning recovery….. 6.5 miles total, Evening- Nothing (usual weight training but it was my birthday).

Friday– Morning Spin class =)

Saturday– Long run, 10.5 easy paced miles on the treadmill

Sunday– REST DAY, remember your body needs the rest days as much as the days where you are crushing those miles!

Weekly totals

Miles for the week: 39.5

Weight lifting: 70 minutes

Spin class: 60 minutes

I hope you all have a wonderful week and happy miles!  Also be sure to follow me on instagram Instagram Link @cupcakesforPRS .  In honor of my Birthday I am doing tons of giveaways this month…lillbuffprotein cakes, a BOOK written by one of my fellow Cleveland Marathon Ambassadors, AND an entry to ANY CLEVELAND MARATHON EVENT!!



Jamie =)

Have your CAKE and eat it too =)


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Hello all!

If you follow me on instagram ( you might seem some crazy cakes, and ice cream creations. I have found some products that I just love that are high in protein AND satisfy my dang sweet tooth #winning #innerfatkidproblems .  So now you might think well how in the world can you eat these things and still be “healthy” and promote a health/fitness lifestyle.

Well…… I gave up tracking weight watchers points about a year ago and it was the BEST decision of my life! (now don’t think I don’t like WW or am talking trash about it.  WW helped get me started and helped me learn so very much about portion size and reading food labels. I just found with my exercise and fitness goals, it was time for ME to move on). I signed up with an amazing macro coach and haven’t looked back since.  I use my fitness pal (user name jamariejo if you want to share food diaries) and have a set number of grams of fat, carbs, and protein to hit everyday.  It’s almost like food Tetris =)  I founds some items I like Lil Buff Protein Cakes ( I posed the link as they are only available to purchase online if you are not in the greater Cleveland area).


Arctic zero ice cream (now I ONLY like the maple vanilla and salted caramel flavors and you HAVE to microwave that pint for 30 seconds to get it creamy, IMO all the other flavors are like nasty ice milk).


I have been sticking to my running schedule but also working on weight lifting and spin class.  I have noticed a HUGE difference in my body.  I am getting some small little baby muscles and well that’s pretty cool.  I am trying so very hard to work on ME and develop some type of balance in my life this year.

Last year I thought the number of miles I hit every week would make me stronger, leaner and better….to be honest that’s not always the case, and it’s really no way to live.  Life works best with balance. I am working so hard on that right now.  THAT DOESN’T COME EASY FOR ME.  So I have done some thinking and processing and have decided a few things (I know you are on the edge of your seat)…

  1. I am going to try hard to work on ME and BALANCE this year.  Enjoy life more!
  2. I LOVE running, seriously heck to the yes BUT I am not defined by the number of miles I run.  I am going to fall in love with running MORE as I am not going to force myself to run some silly number of miles.
  3. The Cleveland Half Marathon is going to be my BI#CH this year.  Yep that’s right taking on the half, no full for this girl.
  4. This half training cycle I am going to focus hard on speed, I have two goals I want to crush (I know you’re not surprised).
  5. With all this balance thing I am going to work on having some non-tracked meals, enjoy life, you know live a little.  If you know me you would know every week I sit down and fill myfitnesspal with all my food for the week.  I pretty much stick to this plan (don’t get me wrong I have been known to be stuck in the peanut butter jar or have a few untracked items).  This peanut butter right here is GOLD =)peanut-butter
  6. However, it’s ok to have a meal that isn’t exactly in the PLAN.  My husband reminded me of this when we were at the grocery store, as I was reading the nutrition labels of some food items he said you know it’s ok to have treat that isn’t in that tracker…..yep it is, I need to do this more!
  7. I love LOVE my spin class, seriously if you have in the Cleveland area check out The Edge Indoor Studio ( The-Edge-Logo-GT300.pngPLUS the first class you take there is FREE, so why not give it a try?  I go every friday morning, join me!  I found in the past I didn’t go to spin class as yep I was so focused on those miles.  It’s ok to cross train and have those other activities, it also helps your core/running form.
  8. YOGA, I need to go back to yoga.  I love yoga and find during that time my mind is quite, which is a rarity.  So I will be heading back to yoga =)
  9. Enjoy the moment.  I am going to enjoy the moment I am in MORE, we aren’t guaranteed tomorrow, so why not enjoy the moment we are in???  SUNDAYS are now my REST day.  No weights, no running, no spin, REST and try to embrace/enjoy it.  This is easier said than done for me.  I am usually a HUGE A-HOLE on Sundays BUT I am going to do better!!!  Who would have thought I would need help resting?
  10. I NEED to be nicer to me.  I work so hard on my eating, fitness, I WORK HARD FOR WHAT I HAVE.  I AM STRONG AND BEAUTIFUL, I need to embrace this and celebrate me.  I am too terrible to myself, always focusing on my flaws…. I WORK TOO HARD FOR THAT CRAP…. I mean come on I’m pretty cute …. (be nice that took a lot for me to post as I am really not THAT confident). me cute.jpg
  11. BALANCE!!!

As I enter into the week, I have my training plan all mapped out as remember #3 =)

Monday: Speed Intervals

Tuesday: Lifting-back, chest, shoulders

Wednesday: Running, hoping for miles with Reese

Thursday: Running, miles with Reese or some tempo on the treadmill

Friday: Spin class

Saturday: Running, hoping for the great outdoors

Sunday: DAY OF REST!

Have a great week everyone.  Also feel free to reach out with any questions about my lifestyle, training, or anything else I am an open book =) OH AND COMMENT PLEASE, I always try to be 100% honest, so appreciate anything you have to throw at me!



Happy 2017!!!


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Hello all!!!  First off Happy NEW YEAR!!  Wow I can’t believe it’s 2017, where did 2016 go?!?!  2016 was a pretty fantastic year, BUT I am really looking forward to what 2017 has in store.  I know for a FACT there are some pretty big things happening in the Johnston household, but I can’t share just yet (I know you are on the edge of your chair).

I always have a love hate relationship with new years.  I look back at the past year and always wonder if I did enough, could I have done more, am I where I need to be???? whooooaaaaa that’s a lot.  Then I always think oh my a new year!!!  What goals do I have, wow a fresh start, new page, LET’S KILL THIS THING…. yea a bit overkill.  However I always love the excitement everyone has, as folks up their fitness levels and start enjoying the fit life a little more (welcome, keep it up you won’t regret it).

So let me address the first part, did I do enough, could I have done more, am I where I need to be???? I pulled up my best 9 photos of the year….

best-9I look at all these photos and I think I did A LOT, and these are just my fitness related things.  I crushed 2 marathons one with a 3:35 pace (well 3:35:46 let’s not forget those oh so important 46 seconds), the other with 3:41 pace…still amazing!  I had support of my loved ones, had some pretty fantastic food ( I mean see those cupcakes and pancakes??), oh and look I built some muscles =)

Personally I started to find a bit more of balance in my life, realize it’s not always about the miles.  It’s about experiences, your relationships, about being HAPPY!!  Only you can control those things!!  Also, ummmmmmmmmmmmm I am right where GOD wants me to be!  So yes I am exactly where I need to be!

I ended 2016 with my loved ones in Wisconsin.  The time went way to fast, and I wish I could have had another week with them.  I think experiences and making memories are MOST important, which is just what we did to end the year!  My family and I went to the Packer vs. Viking game AT LAMBAU FEILD!!!


Yes I rocked the camo on camo, and had a few beers.  I topped out at 2, as let’s face it I don’t drink a lot and am a lightweight!  Seriously though, this was the best Christmas Eve I have had in a VERY long time!!!!!

So what now…on to 2017, what does it have in store, do I have goals???  Well, I do have some goals but not many are fitness related (for once)…. I want to experience more moments and memories with my family and loved ones, I want to love myself more, find some balance in my life with food/exercise/enjoyment, I just want to LIVE and be HAPPY!

As I enter 2017 I am facing one of my first fun experiences!  The Cleveland Marathon, I was asked back to be an ambassador!!! HECK TO THE YESSS!!!


Then comes the question but what race will you run?!?!  You know what, I am not sure…..gasppppp I know!  I am leaning towards the 1/2 and might even do the 10K, maybe I will tackle those 46 seconds and try and PR that marathon.  I honestly don’t know.  What I do know is I pushed myself really hard last year with 2 marathons, 3 actually took place within a year time frame and well that’s just too damn much!  I was tired, over trained, and not enjoying running…. I don’t want to do that again!!  So in early Feb, I plan on making a decision.

So for now I am going to enjoy the moment…


love my husband more…


cuddle those little furbabies…

dana and dogs.jpg

I mean look at the cuteness in that picture!!!!

I am going to live a little, find that balance.  I might even build some more muscles, that’s kind of fun =)

Happy 2017, wishing you all nothing but the best!