In our house we are addicted to pizza!  Once and awhile we will order it and splurge.  Lately we have been making our own!  It’s been very good and very WW points friendly.

Johnston’s Pizza

* Crust, for the crust we use Giant Eagle brand.  It’s basically a package of flour and yeast.  You add hot water to the mix and let it rise in a warm area.

* 2 Cups low moisture mozzarella cheese

* 5 slices reduced fat provolone Cheese

* 3 servings turkey pepperoni (about 42 pepperoni circles), we love pepperoni so if you’d like you could cut this in 1/2.

*1/2 cup pizza sauce (this is 2 servings of sauce) like the pepperoni we love sauce, this could also be cut in 1/2.

* 2 Tablespoons Olive Oil

First we make the crust, adding the water to the flour mixture and letting it rise.  Once mixed together we usually set it in a bowl on top of our pizza oven, this preheats the pizza oven and provides warmth for the dough to rise.  Once the dough is ready put 1 tablespoon Olive Oil on your pizza sheet, place dough on the oil and add another tablespoon of oil to the top of the dough (this will help you press it into the sheet and will help with the browning of the dough). Once the dough is pressed into the pizza pan with a small crust formed, put it into the oven until slightly brown (we use a pizza oven, but an oven at 350 degrees would also work). Now add the pizza sauce, make sure it’s evenly dispensed over the crust.  After the sauce add your layer of provolone cheese.  The kind we get is round, so I place them so they are just touching around the pizza.  After the provolone I like to add the pepperoni, as I hate when the pepperoni gets too brown/burnt on the top of the pizza.  I layer the pizza with the pepperoni.  Last add your mozzarella, make sure it’s evenly dispersed on top of the pizza.  Now bake your pizza for approx. 8 min at 350 degrees, or 8min in a pizza oven.  Make sure to keep on eye on it, I usually add another minute or so at the end but that is personal preference.

Cut the pizza into eight slices and enjoy!  The pizza is 5 WW points per slice, not bad if you ask me!  You can also add your favorite veggies to this one at zero points to you!

Finished pizza....YUMMMMMM!!!!!










Enjoy!- JJ