This weekend my husband and I made graham cracker freezer sandwiches.  I would compare them to a light ice cream sandwich.  They are amazingly good (even my husband loved them). The can be made with light or fat free cool whip.  We made ours with light cool whip, I would be interested to see what they tasted like with the fat free kind.

Ingredients needed:  Light (or fat free) Cool Whip, Reduced Fat Graham crackers (any flavor, we used original), tin foil or other item for warping/freezing sandwiches.

Remove one whole cracker from the package, break in 1/2 and add 2 tablespoons Cool Whip to one of the sections.

Add the non-cool whip cracker to the top, wrap, freeze, repeat!(we wrapped them in foil and added them all to a zip lock bag, making sure they didn’t get freezer burned).

Here is the finished product.

Made with the ingredients we used each sandwich is 3 WW points plus.  If you are using fat free cool whip I believe they would only be 2 points plus/sandwich.  These might also be great with different variations of graham crackers, or even with some fruit added!  Enjoy!