This has been an AMAZING week for my weight loss journey.  I really stepped up my workout routine, and get this I am actually jogging (I know I should have made sure you were sitting down for that one).  With my great workout routine, I have been really craving protein.  On the weekends I find my new food creation to be amazing, satisfying, and filling!

I used items we already had in the house.  I took a saute pan, added 2 teaspoons EVOO, fresh spinach, and portabella mushrooms.  I sauteed this until the mushrooms were cooked.  I then added 1/2 cup of chicken breasts we had cooked up the night before. While getting the chicken breast warm, I took another pan and fried an egg (I fried it in a pan that I sprayed Pam in so it wouldn’t stick).

I then placed the chicken, spinach, mushroom mixture on a place and placed the fried egg on top.

The egg yolk provided a nice sauce for the dish.

I highly recommend giving this one a try.  Below is an ingredient list, above is the explanation as to how I created this protein packed marvel.


* fresh spinach

*portabella mushrooms

*1/2 cup chicken


*2 teaspoons EVOO