Good afternoon all!  I decided to spend my lunch hour blogging, lucky you 😉  Things are going pretty well right now.  About 3 weeks ago I reached my 100lb loss mark.  I still can’t believe I have lost that much, and at the same time think well it’s only 100lbs (I know seriously, only 100 my mind is a strange place at times).

This past week I had the opportunity to travel for work, I spent 3 days in Louisville Kentucky.  I have to say, this was one of the most enjoyable traveling experiences I have had (besides missing my husband, I know sappy but I love that fella BUNCHES).  Sorry I digressed, so travel was amazing.  I am not sure if it is because I had more confidence in myself, if people saw me differently, or if I was just more comfortable. I was actually comfortable in my seat flying, as I usually found those seats to be too incredibly small (I still think they are too small, but was happy I fit nicely in it).  I had a really cute traveling outfit (I thought I’d share).

The conference itself was enjoyable; I met some really great people and got to connect with friends from graduate school and other professionals I have worked with.  I also enjoyed some really great sessions that had practical information that I plan on using (that’s a big plus).  I felt really confident in myself and my abilities.  I think my latest shopping trip helped, as I felt comfortable in the clothes I was wearing (I went down 5 dress sizes, so my clothing was a bit big before).  Below are some cute outfits I had (sorry for the awkward mirror photos, haha).

During my days away I worked out every morning, and tried my best to eat right.  The only part that set me back a bit was a few alcoholic beverages I consumed.  My body wasn’t use to this, nor was I use to drinking 100lbs lighter!!  As the days progressed I found it a bit more difficult to eat healthy as let’s face it a girl can only have so many salads!  I did splurge one day with pizza, but this pizza was worth every calorie.

It’s amazing to look back and see how much my life has changed in the past year.  I feel more confident, energized, and (have to be a bit vain here) love love love the cute clothes I can now fit into.  I would have to say a lot has changed, as you can tell from this picture here.

It’s amazing to look at the difference.  I look at this original picture every now and then to remind myself how far I have come. This journey isn’t over, hasn’t been easy, but let me tell you this it’s been worth every second, every counted calorie, and every workout at the gym.

I just wanted to share my travels with you all, and some of my experiences.  Enjoy your day!

Best Wishes,