Why do vacations go so fast?  My husband and I had an extended weekend in WI for the Easter Holiday.  We had an amazing time!!  This was our first trip in our new vehicle.  It was nice as Emma (our dog) had more than enough room to roam, and she also had enough space for her bed.  She traveled very nicely!

On our trip we stopped at our usual spots, one of them being Mars Cheese Castle.  That’s right folks; in WI they have a castle type shop designated to cheese!!

This place not only had amazing cheese and baked goods but they have a nice potty area for Emma.

We were sure to get some fun photos of our favorite stop, making sure to get some cheese curds and other cheese related items.

During our trip home we spent some time with my parents and some great family/friends.  Friday evening we went out to dinner with my parents for a good old WI fish fry!  We had some amazing food and got to see some wildlife on our way home.  Here is a video of my father showing us how to call turkeys.  Believe it or not the turkeys actually responded to his crazy calls.  I laugh every time I see this video!

On Saturday my parents had a BBQ at their house.  There were lots of laughs, hugs, and memories made.  I got to catch up with a friend of mine from High School, Heather.  I wish we would have taken a picture together!!  However, we were so busy chatting we forgot this small detail.  It was nice getting caught up. I feel like Heather is a lifelong friend, you know one of those people that you can call without talking for awhile and you feel like you didn’t miss a beat.

Mai (a friend of mine from grad school) and her husband Touger also made it out to my parent’s house.  It is always nice to see these two; they live in the Appleton area (not too far from my parents).  I am sad as we also didn’t take pictures!!  Thanks for coming out Mai and Touger!!

I finally got to see my cousin Rena and her ROCK (she recently got engaged!!)!!  My cousin Rena and her fiancé came out for the day/evening.  For some reason whenever we get together, we find ourselves in a bit of trouble.  Honestly my face still hurts from laughing so much!  We were sure to get some pictures together.  Some funny ones of us by the fire (we did this to give my aunt a scare, as she is a bit protective and didn’t trust my dad to be in charge of us this evening).

Rena and Dana were also able to listen to their favorite singer together….yep that’s right Lady Gaga.  Paws up and show me your teeth little monsters!

Saturday we ended the night downtown Shiocton at a local bar.

Fun times were had and for some reason Dana really wanted to win a gun they were raffling off.  I am pretty sure he talked about this damn gun all night.  Even yelling about it when we got home that evening (yes at my parents house at around 1am in the morning, yelling I WANTED A SHOT AT THE WEATHERBY).

Sunday we spent that day with our family for Easter.  It was really nice to see everyone especially my grandparents.  They seemed really happy and both were doing well.

Overall it was an amazing and refreshing trip home.  It went way to fast!!