This past week at the grocery store I decided to buy a new product, Flatouts!  These little wraps are high in fiber, low in carbs, low in fat, and are very points friendly!

I have seen them at the store before and this time decided to give into the temptation.  I am very happy I did!!  I made two different things with them this week.  Lunch wraps, and pizza!!

For my lunch wrap I used a lot of fresh ingredients.  My lunch wrap had tomatoes, pickles, banana peppers, an assortment of lettuce, a little turkey, and fat free honey mustard.

As you can see this thing was massive!  Very good, and very filling!!  The flatout I used for this one was the Light Sun-Dried Tomato, very good and the flavor wasn’t overpowering.

Another thing I decided to make were pizzas (as we all know, we love the pita pizzas).  I heard from a few friends that if you decide to make these into a pizza it’s best to bake the flatout beforehand.  So I did, this was a great suggestion (be careful baking your flatout as they brown quickly, one second it wasn’t done and then I checked on it a few seconds later and it was almost burnt). For the pizza I used the light original flatout (package pictured above).

For my flatout pizza I sautéed some portabella mushrooms, turkey pepperoni and Italian seasoning.

I added ½ cup of cheese, which was plenty for the pizza.

After cooking, I cut mine into 6 small slices.  It was very good, filling, and almost tasted sinful.

I definitely recommend these wraps!  Give them a try.  Let me know if you have tried any recipes with them.

Happy cooking!