The longer I have been on my journey, the easier I find eating out to be.  I use to get very nervous, unsure of what to get.  Now I try my best to plan ahead, but if I can’t I pick apart the menu.  At times I will create my own meal based off of what I see the restaurant has available.  Heck, you are paying for this meal so make sure you get what YOU want.

Also, at times I splurge.  Yes that’s right, I will eat the cheeseburger and onion rings or GASP have pizza, even CAKE!  Everything is in moderation, and also making sure you get in some type of physical activity. It’s all about making this plan livable, something you can sustain for the rest of your life.  This isn’t a diet it’s a lifestyle.

Today I had a lunch out with a student group I advise.  I did my best to plan ahead, but didn’t see anything too appealing.  Then I saw you could substitute all burgers for a portabella mushroom.  I ended up with this lovely meal.

A portabella mushroom with buffalo sauce (I know shocking), blue cheese, spinach, tomatoes, onions on a bun (I only had the bottom of the bun) and for a side I decided on the broccoli.  It was very good and surprisingly filling.

So my advice, be adventurous and make sure you get what you want.  If you find the waitress or waiter making a face as you have a special order, that’s their problem you’re the one paying the check (and the tip).

Have a great day!