This past weekend I had an amazing time in the Chicago area. A friend of mine from High School was getting married. My husband (Dana) wasn’t able to make it, as he is using most his vacation time for a two week vacation we have planned in July. I decided I would ask my mom to see if she’d like to come. She did!! So not only did I get to spend time with my mom, which the two of us haven’t done in forever I got to spend time with old friends.

The first night my Mom and I got to meet up with my old college roommate Devan. It was so nice to see her!! We met her at this cute Mexican restaurant in Napperville,IL. We had great dinner and conversation. After dinner we walked around this cute town and explored some of the shops. We ended the night with a drink. It was wonderful seeing Devan. It has been way too long since the two of us connected.

The second day of our trip was the wedding. My Mom and I connected with one of my High School friends Heather, who was also there for the wedding. The wedding didn’t start until 3:30pm, so this morning we decided to visit the outlet malls. There were tons of great places to shop. I think we only visited about ¼ of the stores, as we had to return to the hotel to get ready for the wedding.

After returning to the hotel we all got ready for the wedding. The Wedding started at 3:30pm, it was beautiful! My friend Melissa (friend from HS), was a beautiful bride. Her husband (who I ironically have only met twice, at our wedding and now at their wedding) seems like an amazing guy. I really hope Dana and I can visit or they can visit us so we can spend more time together.

High School Friends with the Bride and Groom

Mom and I at the Wedding

The reception was also amazing, consisting of what seemed to be a 5 course meal, complete with sorbet to clear your palette. The decorations at the reception were also beautiful, using lots of pinks and whites! At the reception I connected with some old friends from High School. It was amazing, it seemed like we all didn’t skip a beat. We were talking and laughing, just like old times. Nothing in the conversation was off limits, and everyone was comfortable. Not like in some situations where you see someone and have no idea what to say and find yourself feeling complete awkward. It really made my heart warm and I realized these friends are lifetime friends that I can always count on.

We definitely made use of the dance floor! We were basically the first guests on the dance floor and the last guests to leave. I think my legs still hurt from all the dancing!

The day after the wedding, we still had another day of fun. My mom and I had plans to explore Chicago. My friend Heather also decided to stay another day and join us. It worked out wonderfully as we were able to take the train into the city.

Heather and I on the train (her first train ride).

This saved us on hotel costs and parking. In Chicago we explored the city, shopped on Michigan Ave, took some pictures at the bean and had amazing Chicago style pizza.

Me in the Chicago Bean.

My favorite part of this trip was spending time with my Mom and friends my second favorite part was SHOPPING. I was able to shop on Michigan Avenue. WAIT I don’t think you understand. I have been a larger girl my whole life, so most of my “shopping trips” have always consisted of me trying on handbags and shoes as nothing in the store would fit. I was able to try things on, lots of things. At times I even had to go a size down in the item as get this it was TOO BIG! I get tears on my eyes just thinking about this.

This trip made me realize that all my exercising and watching what I eat is paying off. My self-confidence was there this weekend (thanks for showing up), I honestly felt good about myself. I was able to try on clothes; I didn’t feel like people were staring at me. I simply felt amazing. This is so worth everything I have put into it.

This trip was filled with great food, laughing, friends, love and some adult beverages. However, I made sure to keep track of the food I was putting in my mouth. Also, the hotel we were at had a nice walking path. I was out there running it every morning. So even on vacation I made this plan work for me.

Overall an amazing experience, thanks for reading!