WHOAAAA!!  Where did the month of June go? No seriously where did it go?  This has been a crazy busy month!  Tons of happenings for the Johnston’s, as well as some big changes!  This month I was asked to talk at 2 Weight Watcher’s events.  The events were titled Believe (Weight Watcher’s slogan for the year), and were designed to provide members with some inspiration.  Well I tried my very best to be inspirational (not sure how I did), but mostly I shared my story.  Now those of you that didn’t attend these events might be thinking well…What’s your story?  So I thought I would sum up some of the items I discussed so the following blurb includes some of the things I covered:

I started out the conversation by letting everyone know that my whole life I      have been overweight.  Yep my whole dang life, well actually I was born pre-mature weighing a whooping 5lbs so I guess that was the only time in my life I was underweight.  It wasn’t that I was inactive!  I always enjoyed sports, spent many summer days outdoors, and even got my uncoordinated self out on the basketball court.  However, I love food (notice I used this in the present tense, as I STILL do).  So the many hours spent being active were usually overcompensated by food, lots of good food.

I had tried Weight Watchers before.  Yes, in graduate school I decided to take a peek at the scale and joined Weight Watchers.  During this time I would have to say I didn’t really follow the program.  There would be days that I would eat carrots all day just so I could be gluttonous with beer and wings that evening.  During this stint I managed to lose 25lbs.

So now comes the day I decided to join (this time around).  I remember eating dinner with my husband in our sun room.  I even remember the meal!  We were having our favorite, tater tot casserole (or as my husband likes to call it, hot dish) it was oozing with cream of mushroom soup and topped with cheddar cheese.  I remember looking at my husband and letting him know that I was unhappy with myself and the weight I was at, I then said I was thinking of joining weight watchers.  I shared with him that they would be starting weight watchers at work meetings and that I’d be able to attend during my lunch hour.  My husband was nothing short of supportive, and let me know that he loved me and thought I was beautiful.

The next week at work, I went back and forth on if I should join.  A few people from my office were talking about going, said I should just go with them.  This is fine but a few of these people maybe weighed  160lbs soaking wet, this doesn’t really make the chunky girl want to show up to weigh in with the skinny folks.  I put my pride aside and joined.  I remember stepping on the scale on April 26th, 2011 thinking there was a mistake.  There is no way I weight what the number was, how did I not see this?

Well, it’s obvious that April 26th is way in the past.  I am happy to report that I now weigh 132.6lbs less than I did that day.  I haven’t looked back once!!  I have worked my butt off (in more ways than one) and will continue to do so.  I now run (gasp, I know SERIOUSLY), I run 3 miles daily.  In my head I refer to this as my Happy Hour, during this hour I sort out a lot of SH#t in my head.  I actually find myself to be a more pleasant person because of it.

Shopping is now FUN and I can shop for more than handbags and shoes in ALL stores.  Two weeks ago I bought a dress at the GAP, Reese Witherspoon has also been spotted wearing this same dress (yep, I am wearing the designer of the stars).

At these events I made sure to thank my husband (he even attended an event with me).  As he is my biggest cheerleader and most fantastic supporter.  He has listened to me cry about little things like swimsuit bottoms, and not being able to wear my old ones (yes, I bawled over this).  He has seen me at my worst and is helping me become my best.  Never has he EVER said I was fat, or needed to lose weight, in fact every step of the way he has referred to be as beautiful, gorgeous, and hottie.  I am so blessed to have him by my side.

For the events I spoke at Dana made me this awesome poster.  It was nice to have a visual aide to pass around =)

Both nights I presented I wore the same dress, I kinda like it (it’s the same one Reese Witherspoon has).  Here are pictures from both events:

This one was with my AMAZING WW leader Stephanie; she is also a huge part of my support network.

So as you can see I have been a bit busy!  On top of speaking at these events I have made huge progress on my inner self.  For awhile now I have been talking about getting rid of my old clothes (they are now 7 sizes too big).  Well, I managed to bag them all up but hadn’t been able to part with them.  It was almost as if part of me thought I was going to fail and need them again.  They almost became some type of comfort for me.  Well, this past weekend I am proud to say they made their way to Goodwill!!!  Here is a picture of me loading the items into the truck.

I hope someone finds these items and loves them as much as I did!

Also, this past week I brought my wedding rings to the jewelers.  That’s right, no more ring snuggie for this girl (a plastic ring spacer I got at wal-mart).  My rings needed to be re-sized 3 sizes smaller!  I will be picking them up tonight!!  I can’t wait to have rings that fit right again!!!

On top of all this great progress Dana and I made a big decision with our family!  We decided Emma (our dog) needs a sister, as she loves being around other dogs.  That’s right we are getting another dog!  Emma’s sister was born June 25th and will be ready to come home late August.  The breeder sent us a picture of all the female puppies, here they are at 2 days old.  One of these little ones will be Reese pup, the newest Johnston addition.

WHOOOOHOOAA!  An amazing month of June, I can’t wait to see what July has in store for us.  We will kick off July with our 2 year wedding anniversary  (on July 2nd) and a 2 week vacation with my family in northern Wisconsin.  A MUCH needed vacation!!

I hope June was a great month for you all!  Thanks for reading!