Putting my hands out, ok ok please slap my hands!  I have been a terrible TERRIBLE blogger.  I have been so busy, which really isn’t an excuse….so I apologize!!

Where to start….

Well, first off my Mom was recently here to visit for 10 days.  It was so very nice to spend some time with her!!  She came to see us, but also came to participate in the Susan G. Koman Race for the Cure.  My mom and husband have never participated in a 5k and decided to walk it with me, how awesome is that?!  They both did great walking the 5k.  I was truly honored to have my mother (a breast cancer survivor) and my husband (most amazing person in my life) by my side. Here are a few pictures from the day…

Mom, Dana, and I before the race.

Dana and Mom gearing up for the walk!

Mom and I before the survivor ceremony (sorry a bit blurry)

Dana and I during the survivor ceremony (also a bit blurry, sorry)

Me hamming it up before the race!

A split screen of me at last years Cleveland Race for the Cure (50lbs lost) and this years Cleveland Race for the Cure (150lbs lost)

My FAVORITE picture from the day. My husband and mother crossing the finish line together, not any finish line….the survivor finish line! LOVE this picture!

Work has also been CRAZY!!  Our Department is going through some restructuring.  It has had its ups and downs however; I am pleased to report that my title has changed.  Yes, I am now an Assistant Dean.  I still can’t believe it…pinch me am I dreaming???

On top of all these great things I reached my 150lbs lost milestone.  Seriously 150lbs, I still can’t believe it.  I still don’t recognize myself at times when I look in the mirror, which I guess is alright.  I am still getting use to my new self and looking in the mirror!

Me before and now (150lbs lost). I still can’t believe it!

So I guess you can see why I have been a terrible blogger!!  Life has been CRAZY!  Thanks to those that continue to check in, I really do appreciate it.

My goal is to blog more this fall/winter, as summer seems to be my busy time.  I might pick a day of the week to do some updates as I have some amazing fall/winter recipes that I am dying to share and other updates!

Please continue to check in, I promise to update!

Happy Fall!