I think I am addicted.  Wait, I don’t think…. I KNOW I AM ADDICTED   What am I addicted to….RUNNING.  Yep, that’s right I am going to yell it out LOUD here on my blog, I LOVE TO RUN.  Who seriously would have guessed this?  I wouldn’t have guessed this 160lbs ago.  I usually would put my nose up at runners and say some snarky comments like, that person is crazy who seriously would WANT to run.  Well, Jamie it’s 160lbs later and you enjoy running!

Why do I enjoy running?  Here are a few reasons…

  • I feel free, at times I almost feel like I am floating (crazy I know)
  • I get more and more impressed on what my body can do, I am up to 7 miles now
  • Running clears my head, no better way to fix a bad day and no better way to start your day
  • When I run in the morning (I usually hit the pavement around 5:30am) I feel like I am the only one out on the road, like the world is mine to take on
  • Every time I run I feel I get better at it  I feel faster, stronger, and have never been more in tune with my body
  • Lastly, I love running gear yes I think I look kinda cute in my running gear, which really helps my self-confidence

About 3 weeks ago I participated in my 2nd official 5k.  My friend Stephanie decided she wanted to run in a 5k, and did an awesome job training for it!  So a group of us decided to join her inaugural 5k.  I was on the fence on if I would be able to join.  I had a late night work event the night before.  However, I decided I couldn’t let Stephanie run her first 5k without being there!!

Stephanie and I before the race.

Assuring Stephanie that she is ready to take this thing on!

Stephanie had the awesome idea of running in Tutu’s.  We honestly were the hit of the race.  As you can tell they were super cute!

Smiles while adjusting our tutu’s.

Have to get the tutu just right =)

Team tutu, ready to own this race!!!

Working out my pre-race nerves.

This is a pre-race photo of me, my husband has managed to get this same exact photo at both of my 5ks =)

We all did a great job running the race.  We decided we would all keep our own pace. I finished a bit before Stephanie, but didn’t let her cross the finish line alone.  I went back and joined her (as did the other ladies) for the finish of her first 5k.

Heading back for my good friend Stephanie!

All finishing with Stephanie for her first 5k!

While running this race I felt amazing.  I felt like everything in the world was right.  My clothes fit right, my headphones were somewhat on the verge of breaking (but that didn’t stop my stride).  At this point I had been use to running about 5 miles a day, so I decided to give this 5k everything I had.  Well it paid off!!  I ended up finishing 2nd in my age division and had a personal best pace and finishing time, averaging 8:39/mile!

That’s right folks this girl that would have laughed at the thought of even walking a 5k 160lbs ago, ran a 5k and got a medal…

After getting my award. Smiling from ear to ear!

Had to get another picture with this bad boy, SERIOUSLY did that just happen!

Thanks for sharing in my excitement!  I love running AND have to give a shout out to my friend Stephanie, as she ROCKED her first 5k =)  Also a special thank you to Kristin and Katie who ran this 5k along with us.  These girls are also amazing, and are a GREAT support network.

At the end of the race! Team Tutu, we don’t sweat we GLOW!

Have a great day everyone,

Get out and hit the pavement…..walk, run, skip… just get out there =)