Happy 2013!!!

It’s hard to believe it is already January!  The holidays sure flew by.  Dana and I have been VERY busy over the past couple months, as many know we tend to travel during the holidays.  For the Thanksgiving Holiday we traveled to Mankato, MN to visit Dana’s family.  We had an amazing time seeing everyone AND I FINALLY WENT TO THE MALL OF AMERICA!  I MAY NEVER BE THE SAME!!  The mall is truly amazing, so amazing that we only made it to the 2nd floor (after about 7 hours there we were shopped out).  Below are a few pictures from our Thanksgiving Vacation.

For the Christmas/New Year’s holiday we made our way to Wisconsin to visit my family.  It was a nice two weeks spent with family and friends.  Christmas Eve was a blast at my grandparents.  It was nice to catch up with family we hadn’t seen in awhile.

Also during this time at home I was able to spend time with my cousin Rena!!  We had a great time working on plans for her upcoming wedding (it’s taking place June 22nd).  We toured the amazing reception site and I had the opportunity to try on some AMAZING Matron of Honor dresses…

I can’t even begin to express how exciting it was to try on all these dresses.  For once in my life I was not ashamed of my size, nor did I feel too self-conscious.  I honestly felt like there wasn’t a dress in the place I couldn’t try.  Usually I would have been nervous as heck, just hoping something would fit me….that sure wasn’t the case.  This was an amazing feeling!

During the holidays I have been sure to keep up with my exercise routine.  While in MN I lucked out and was able to use a walking/running trail that went right in front of Dana’s family’s home!  This sucker went for miles!!  There was no excuse for me not to get up and get on the pavement everyday, which I did!!

For the duration of my time at home in WI, I also was sure to get out and run!  I didn’t really have nice paved roads and actually had to invest in some running cleats that went over my shoes, you see it was a bit snow covered and where my parents live the plows kinda stink.  I didn’t use the iced roads as an excuse, used it as a time to get adventurous!

To start the year on a positive note I decided to do something CRAZY.  Well, ok maybe not that crazy as I have been talking about it…BUT I signed up for the Cleveland ½ marathon!!!!!  I was going to wait until my 30th Birthday to do so, but have heard from many of people that it sells out fast.  So in order to get the early bird discount and to ensure that I have a spot I SIGNED UP!!! I also signed up on 1/13, so how fitting that I signed up to run 13.1 on 1/13 (clever I know 😉 )  So it’s official, on May 19th I WILL be running in my first ever ½ marathon!!  I am nervous and excited.  I have already started to train, well actually I never really stopped running since this summer so I continue to train =)