Support, support, support!  I seriously can’t stress this enough!!!  Through my weight loss journey and with my training I NEED SUPPORT.  Why do I need support, well because my head can be a seriously crazy unstable place!  YEP, I just admitted this in print!!  Many folks talk about weight loss/training ups and downs and relate it to results.  Many don’t talk about the mental journey you are on as well.  Your mind can be your best friend and your worst enemy.

I have been fortune and blessed to have an amazing support network.  I can’t stress enough how much I appreciate the support from my husband, family and friends.  They have kept my crazy sane on days when I feel ugly, fat, go on about my lose skin, and days when I just need a little reality check.  As many of you know I love running.  Running has been my go to exercise.  I started with walking and slowly started to run.  Well running is my thing, my comfort zone.  I know I can run, I know I run well, and I also know I am capable of doing around 8 miles every morning.  This has been my routine.

Well for a while now I have known that I need to change up my routine.  I love running, but know my body needs more than a good cardio workout.  I feel strong in my running but need some serious toning and strength training (more than my weekly yoga class). I also know that this type of training will help with my running performance and form. However, this means taking another step, a step outside my comfort zone.   I have been playing with this in my head; come on Jamie hit the weight room!  I even have two great friends (Kcey and Jess) that have encouraged me to join them in the weight room at our recreation center; they have offered for a while now to help me in this area…..I have usually came up with an excuse or just said another time…

So today I did it!  I went to the weight training area and started to lift some weights, with the great support of Jess and Kcey.  Yes, I do realize this is only day one but this is a big step for me.  I walked outside of my comfort zone and am doing something different.  From now on Tuesday s will be dedicated to weight training and yoga and Thursdays will be weight training.  I will try and get some core workouts in at home in the form of planking.  This was so hard in many of ways.  First because I am a perfectionist and a huge competitor, I am not great at weight training and by no means can I compete with anyone in this area.  Also, I still see myself as 350lb Jamie so I am self-conscious, ok VERY self-conscious.  Jess and Kcey were nothing short of supportive and kind.  I had a few tears, both out of being self-conscious and feeling inadequate in my abilities but they helped me push through this.  Jess even reminded me that I didn’t start out running half marathons, reminding me that I worked my way to this (thanks for the reality check).  Kcey told me, come on you got this we all start somewhere.  Their words still resonate with me after our workout.

Do you ever think WOW I seriously can’t thank someone enough for their encouragement and support?  That is how I feel about these ladies; I seriously can’t thank them enough.  They have helped me in countless ways throughout my journey.  They too helped me get faster and reach my goal of completing a ½ marathon, and doing it under 2 hours.

So as many of you decide to take on a 5k, ½ marathon, marathon, new workout or maybe to embark on a weight loss journey.  I encourage you to enlist support, you are going to need it and it’s the best thing in the world.  The support I continue to receive is……seriously I can’t pick a word that is worthy of summing it up.

So thank you to my supporters!  Also an extra thank you today to Jess and Kcey, your support has helped me in more ways than I could ever explain and I know it’s hard to express my gratitude at 6am but please trust I am forever thankful!


I was flippin nervous before the race.  Then my friends Jess and Kcey joined me, this moment was awesome!  These great ladies started the race with me =)

Jess and Kcey as they joined me at the 2013 Cleveland 1/2 Marathon….AMAZING FRIENDS…..AMAZING!



Ps- A side note to my supporters, I am going to continue to need your kind support as we enter 2014.  I have the Cleveland ½ Marathon, and Akron Marathon to take on.  Thanks in advance 😉