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Happy New Year!!!  2014 was off to a rocky yet amazing start =)  First the good thing, I was featured in People Magazine….gasp…..I still can’t believe it.  I have to say it was pretty darn amazing opening People at the grocery store and seeing a picture of me in it!   I think I am still on cloud 9 with this one.  One of our local news stations also featured me due to my People article, I kind of felt like a celebrity.


My picture in People!

Now the rocky part, I started 2014 with a doozy of a COLD.  I honestly haven’t been this ill in about 3 years.  It knocked me off my feet.  When it first hit me I thought I was fine, had even planned on continuing with my training and working out.  Well then the cold got worse.  It really put me in a hard predicament.  My training has been going very well, now do I risk it and take time off? I felt like I had an angel and a devil on my shoulder one being my body saying SERIOUSLY REST the other being my mind saying oh come on you’re doing so good this could be a setback.

Well…. I had to listen to my body.  I rested, and then rested more, and yep a bit more after that.  I took a whole week off of training/working out.  I can’t remember a time during my journey where I have taken this amount of time off of physical activity.  There were a few days where all I did was sleep and Nyquil became a new friend.  I lost my appetite (which might not have been too bad of a thing considering the number of Christmas cookies I consumed) and found myself consuming as much Vitimin C as I could stomach.

After a week of rest I slowly made my way back to the gym.  It sure wasn’t easy and the cold was still lingering BUT I did it.  Slowly but surely I have started to feel better. My body has slowly been adjusting to my usual routine.

So this has been a learning experience for me.  My biggest fear was all my training/hard work I have invested in myself would be diminished.  I was scared my body was going to go into lazy mode.  Well I was wrong!  I survived and my body is adjusting to going back to training just fine.  Yes it was a small little set back but I seriously think I needed a mini break.

So as we enter 2014 and you all start training REMEMBER listen to your body, it’s ok to take breaks!!  I had to learn this lesson and I am sure happy I did!  2014 is going to be a great year I just know it =)