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I am so darn excited to make this announcement!!!  I have one FREE entry for the Rite Aid Cleveland Marathon….WHOHOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!  OH and it’s to giveaway to one of YOU (even better right?).  As many of you know I am going to be running the Rite Aid Cleveland Half Marathon, this will be my 2nd time and 2nd half!


Crushing a cupcake after last year’s Rite Aid Cleveland Marathon.

kiss medal

Kissing my very first Half Marathon Medal.

So you can come join me.  The cool thing about this entry is it can be used for any of the races that weekend so maybe you’re interested in the Full, Half, 10k, or 5k…….it’s really up to you =)  Check out all the information here: http://www.clevelandmarathon.com/

Now for the details right?!  Seriously how can you win this?  Every day I will be posting here on my blog as well as my facebook page (www.facebook.com/jamiejohnstonsjourney).  Everyone that comments will be entered into the drawing as well as folks that share my status from my facebook page.  Make sense?  So you can comment on facebook, comment on the blog, AND share my facebook status (3 entries per person per day, if you choose to do all 3).  Please note only 3 entries are allowed per day, so multiple comments might show you are awesome and engaged but won’t get you more entries. This contest will start today, RIGHT this second and END Friday, February 28th at Noon.  I hope to name the winner on Saturday March 1st.

Alright so here are the details listed:

1)    You can enter up to 3 times a day (ONLY 3)

  1. Enter by commenting on my facebook status that day www.facebook.com/jamiejohnstonsjourney It must be the status I specify that day.
  2. Enter by sharing my facebook status that day (Same status as #1 that will be specified for that day). www.facebook.com/jamiejohnstonsjourney
  3. Enter by commenting on my blog post that day (only the post I make that day). Right here this blog jamiejohnston.wordpress.com

2)    Contest starts NOW 2/24/14

3)    Contest ends 2/28 NOON

4)    Winner will be named 3/1, please note I will be using a random online system so everything will be fair.

Good luck all!!!!



PS- This does count as the first post, first official day of the contest SOOOO comment below on how excited you are (this comment counts as an entry).