Happy Tuesday Friends! I hope everyone is having an amazing day. I am happy to see that the temps and weather here in northern Ohio will be more spring like! I am hoping winter is OVER (I hope I didn’t just jinx it).

I am so ready to hit the pavement and run outside! I am hoping the rain and cold stay away =) I realize some of you have ran outside all winter, and don’t mind a little rain. I think I am kind of a fickle runner. I don’t like the cold and I HATE running in the rain. Good thing I have a gym membership =)

I am feeling pretty solid about my training so far. All of my training has been done on the treadmill, so I am anxious to get outside. As many of you know this is my 2nd ½ marathon. Last year my training ONLY consisted of running. I didn’t do any cross training or weight training. This year is different! This year I have cross trained and weight lifted! I feel stronger overall and I hope this is going to help me master all 13.1 miles =)

Here are some reason I think you should consider cross training and weight lifting:

1)      Helps with the boredom! I don’t know about you but as much as I LOVE running, the same old running routine can get a bit boring. So why not challenge yourself and try something different =)

2)      I have read numerous articles and reports that these types of activities help with recovery and injury prevention. If you think about it, it makes sense! You are strengthening your muscles, helping to use them to power through your runs.

3)      TONING! Last year when I was solely running, I felt great yes but I still felt a bit flabby. Now I DO understand that after losing over 180lbs not everything is going to be tight and let’s face it lose skin will be there BUT there are ways to combat this a bit. Weight lifting! I am seeing a bit of definition in my arms and other parts of my body, this makes me smile and helps me feel better about wearing tank tops and short sleeve shirts =)

4)      Building muscle helps burn calories =) If you are looking for a little extra push, weight lifting helps you burn calories throughout the day, not just during your workout.

So if you are just starting out, or have been training awhile give weight lifting and some cross training a try. I am sure you won’t regret it.

On top of my running routine I am currently rowing, weight lifting, and using the elliptical =) What cross training are you doing?