It was very spring like this weekend (FINALLY) and I was once again able to RUN outdoors. As some of you know the weekend before was the first time I have trained outside this YEAR. Yep that’s right!!! The snow, cold, ice, rain, wind……..ughhhhh all kept me indoors. I hate all of these conditions and knew I would be miserable running in them so I DIDN’T =)

During my first run outside for the year I have to admit I was a bit nervous. The treadmill does a great job with pace and you basically are gerbil like moving your legs and focusing on form. Most of you know the great outdoors is a bit different. Outside there are different grades and elevations (ohhhhh HILLLLLLS) and also you are in charge of your own pace (luckily I have sprinkles my running watch (Garmin 610)).

My first run outside wasn’t terrible and I felt as if my winter training had paid off (even celebrated this with a little air guitar and fist pump during my run). I did however feel like most of my run was me having conversations with myself, checking in to see how I was doing, almost like I expected this to be the worst run of my life. I guess I didn’t have faith in myself (WTH). I decided to run again outside the next day, it was a little bit better than the day before (I think there was less chatter in my head).

Now comes this most recent weekend (Easter Weekend). The weather was once again nice and I knew my training had to head outdoors. Saturday I headed out for a nice long training run. It was so nice, my legs felt great, I was still having mini convos with myself but not as bad as the weekend before. I manned a 8:24 average pace for these 12 miles, not bad at all. At this point I was starting to think well well look at you Jamie Johnston, you are a force to be reckoned with the Rite Aid Marathon isn’t going to know what hit it =)

Then this morning happened (4/21). Some of you know I always workout in the mornings. Well, I hate running in the pitch dark. I use to do it more but found myself more creeped out and really unable to focus. I talked to Siri and she told me that sunrise was at about 6:30am, I figured if I left my house around my usual time, I wouldn’t have much darkness to deal with. SO I DID IT! I also decided to put my Garmin screen so only my pace would be shown. I know my usual outside route and approximately how many miles I was going to do and didn’t want to focus on the miles. So I RAN and watched my PACE and felt AMAZING. YEP SERIOUSLY AMAZING! I WAS BACK, BACK IN MY ZONE!! I watched the sun come up, my music seemed to be amazing (first pump for an awesome playlist). I felt like everything just aligned PERFECTLY this morning. I feel awesome just writing about it =)

As I was finishing up my run I decided to check out my average pace as well as how many miles were logged. WHOOOHHOOOOAAAA this is what I saw
garmin results

I just seriously can’t believe it. I guess what really makes me smile is the fact that this run felt nothing short of AMAZING, and I honestly thought I had only completed around 7-8 miles. My legs felt good, my mind was in a great place, I had a bit of confidence in myself. I was reminded why I LOVE TO RUN!!!!!! GOSH I NEEDED THIS! Only 4 weeks until the Cleveland Rite Aid Half! I hope I feel this fantastic on race day!!

How is your training going? Are you all running outside too?