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Alright Cleveland winter and cold temps PLEASE for the LOVE OF GOD PLEASE leave!  I know we have a little sampling of nice weather going on today, but it looks like the temps are going to drop once again as the week progresses.  I don’t know about you but I want to be running outside!!!!  A few years ago I fell on black ice outside so needless to say I am a bit of a baby when it comes to the weather and heading outdoors.  All my training so far has been on the dreaded treadmill, or as I like to call it dreadmill.  This weekend’s training had me completing 16 miles on that dang thing.

I can honestly say this week’s 16 mile training run was one of the hardest runs I have done in along time.  I would have to put it right up there with my 22mile run last year when I was training for the Akron Marathon (I got stung by a bee during my 22 miler at mile 19 and you would have thought it took my leg off, I was a bit dramatic).  I tried everything to make my mind stop, stop thinking about the fact that yes I am on a treadmill for 16, yep all I am going to view is whatever is on the tv and these basement walls.  I am really hoping to head outdoors soon BUT until then I thought I would give you all some nice tips for passing time and using the dreadmill to your advantage for training.  So here are some quick tips =)

1) If available to you find yourself a show on TV that you have been looking forward to watching, use this to keep you occupied during your run.

2) No TV?  Turn it into a dance party!  Last weekend I was able to pound out 14 miles rocking out to a new playlist…and by rocking out I seriously mean the house was jumping.

3) Use the treadmill to your training advantage.  Set your pace and a 1% grade and keep it there.  The treadmill is helpful as it helps you keep your pace constant, so add the grade and set your body on cruise.

4) Interval training.  This has helped me with MANY treadmill runs and my training.  I usually do my interval training at 1/4mile increments.  I will do 1/4 mile at a faster pace that I am use to and then “rest” for a 1/4 mile at an easier or my regular pace.  I also make sure both are done at a 1% grade, knowing this will help me in the long run (literally 😉 ).

5) Hill training.  I have been playing around with the treadmill and some serious hill training on Wednesdays.  This can be done by altering the grade and your pace.  A killer workout I have done on Wednesdays involve finding a decent pace that you are comfortable in, run 2 minutes at this pace with a 2% grade, then 4% for 2 minutes, back to 2% for 2 minutes, up to 5% for 2 minutes, back to 2% for 2 minutes, up to 6% for 2 minutes…. you get the drift, I have challenged myself all the way up to 10%.  When doing this BE CAREFUL and if you find it too tough keep the grade but slow your pace.

6) Get by with a little help from your SUPPORTERS.  Yep, I was struggling on the treadmill last weekend.  My amazing husband and furbabies joined me in the basement for my miles.  They watched TV with me and chatted with me to help the time go by.

7) Hide the time and the miles.  I find that if I take a towel or use a setting on the treadmill so I can’t see the time I have been on it or the number of miles completed, it goes by a bit faster.  This way you aren’t watching second by second tick by.

8) Cut your miles into different sets.  If you think about it 9 miles can seem like a lot BUT if you think of it as 3 sets of 3 miles, it seems a bit more manageable.

9) Picture the outdoors.  Yes, I know you aren’t actually outdoors but envision yourself on your favorite running route.  I like to envision myself crossing the finish line of the Cleveland Marathon, I have heard if you envision something it’s more likely to happen =)

10) Also, this doesn’t really relate to the treadmill BUT make sure you are doing some cross training.  I am finding Spinning class to be an AMAZING cross training workout, I am really hoping this helps me crush 26.2 miles.

I hope these tips are helpful for you all!  I realize my training post have been ummm…… lacking.  So be prepared for some more frequent updates.  I am going to try my best to post 1-2 times a week from here on out.  I have been active on my instagram page and Facebook, so be sure to check it out for more training information both can be found at Jamie Johnston’s Journey.


How is your training going????