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I am happy to report, I have FINALLY been able to run outside this weekend. It sure felt great and I really did miss it. Wasn’t feeling the best during my run, due to being up late the night before (had a work event, no big party for this girl) BUT it was still better than the treadmill. As the weekend progressed, I started to feel a bit worse….sore throat, coughing, and stuffed up nose.

Well, this morning and I woke up not feeling the best the cold has arrived!!! So this morning I had two options 1) Get up and run my planned Monday routine on the treadmill 2) Take some meds and give myself a day of rest. What did I do??
I took the day of rest! Honestly I have been pushing myself pretty hard lately with my training and I need to listen to my body. It’s ok to have a day of rest, it surely is ok to listen to our bodies. I am feeling a bit better so we will see what tomorrow brings.
During my run on Saturday and throughout the day today I have been thinking about this more and more…..balance. What does it mean?? How does one truly have balance in their life? I have to admit I have a darn hard time with balance! I find myself either really strict about things, or very carefree. This has been evident in my eating, exercising, and really different aspects of my journey. You would think after almost 4 years of this, I would have this balance thing down but I don’t.

I am going to try my best this year to focus on balance, and to listen to my body. I think I actually did that today by staying in bed and not taking on the 9 miles. Yes, I could have pushed through and done the run BUT I bet I will be better off taking this day of rest, my body will thank me. So throughout the rest of my training, I am going to focus on BALANCE =)

What about you, do you have balance in your life??? Is Balance difficult for you? How do you manage balance?