Many people say you should practice balance in your life, balance in all aspects.  For me balance is somewhat difficult.  I at times find myself to be all in or all out.  I have been trying my best to focus more on balance in my life, especially when it comes to diet and exercise. Diet should involve both things that are good for you and once and awhile an indulgence.  I at times have a hard time including the indulgence, but am trying to allow them into my life more.

My training for Cleveland has been pretty strong, but once again I need to involve balance.  I find that my training has involved lots of miles, and countless hours of cross training (spinning), as well as weight lifting.  Don’t get me wrong I have been enjoying the process BUT have found myself VERY wrapped up in the training.  So wrapped up in the training to the point where it hasn’t been fun. Yep, I am being honest here….my long runs HAVE NOT been fun in fact I have been dreading them.

Some of this has to do with the Cleveland winter, as lets face it…it’s been darn cold and the snow has been terrible.  I have been stuck on the treadmill, putting in the miles but staring at the basement walls.  Two weeks ago when I completed 16 miles, I thought I was going to go insane.

Well, last weekend was my breaking point.  There were tons of tears and almost a mini tantrum, as I had my long run in front of me BUT didn’t want anything to do with it.  I found myself thinking wait a minute….this running thing, this is suppose to be fun, this is suppose to be a process I enjoy.  Now don’t get me wrong, I know I am not going to be jumping out of bed ready to take on EVERY run however I shouldn’t be to the point where I feel complete miserable every weekend due to having to tackle the miles.

I had a conversation with my husband and he was very supportive.  I decide to run outside (as gassssppppppp it was actually nice out last weekend) and really think about my training, life, and most importantly BALANCE.  During my run I really enjoyed the outdoors, but I couldn’t bring myself to run more than 12 miles.  Then I thought to myself Jamie, what is it that you NEED what is it that you ENJOY?  Well, I found my answer….

What I enjoy is the Cleveland experience, every second of the race like I have said before I feel like it is my race as I have completed the half marathon the past two years. So how can I practice balance, enjoy MY RACE (sorry I know it’s all your race too) and enjoy the training process????  My answer…..WHAT I KNOW AND LOVE the Cleveland HALF!!!  That’s right, I am going to take on my race again the Cleveland half.

Now I know….. I know I set a lofty goal of taking on the full for Cleveland this year, which is why this decision has been a hard one.  I felt like by switching to the Cleveland Half I’d be letting folks down, felt like I was quitting.  I need to not feel that way, I need balance in my life and this is how I am going to achieve it.  Long runs on Saturdays are wonderful, BUT I really enjoy my Saturdays with my husband and family.

So I hope you all can still support me and don’t think of me as a quitter, but I will be taking on the Cleveland HALF in May.  I feel like a huge weight is lifted off my shoulders, and I also feel like I have a little bit of me back…..I now have a little bit of the balance I was lacking!  I am really looking forward to my training again AND am looking forward to the upcoming Easter Holiday, as my parents are visiting from out of town.

More post will be coming, as I am re-engergized and ready to take on MY RACE!  Thanks for your understanding and I hope if you are training for this amazing race that it’s going well….if you are going to be at the finish as a spectator, I still hope you join me in the celebration at the end with a cupcake or two =)

Also if you are interested please follow me on instagram, JamieJohnstonsJourney…. I tend to post often and include training posts =)  How’s your training going????