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Well, we are 16 days away from the Cleveland Marathon Weekend! ARE YOU SERIOUS!!!!! Where did the time go, well let’s be honest we know where it went…sitting inside wishing winter would END =) With that being said some of you are tapering, a few might be doing a few more longer runs, and some might also be thinking WTH did I sign –up for, this seemed like a great idea….
No worries fellow runners WE GOT THIS! So I thought now would be the perfect time to put a list of things to remember before tackling your Cleveland Running Adventure =)
1) Remember why you signed up! I am sure there is some reason that made you do this, so remember that and take note if you had any goals in mind. If it was just a drunken mistake, well that’s ok too sometimes we make great decisions when alcohol is involved =)
2) Think of the goals you have and make sure you have a plan A goal and plan B goal. A-lofty goal you’d LOVE to hit B-it’s ok I didn’t hit goal A, this goal is also super awesome.
3) Remember to do a practice run with the running gear you will be wearing on race day. Yes it might be tempting to buy something new and fun in the next couple weeks (or at the race expo), but make sure you run in it….chafing and wardrobe malfunctions are no joke!
4) Start thinking about race day and put a plan together for that morning. Make sure you start communicating this plan to you loved ones that will be supporting you that day.
5) Remember to pack some extra clothes for race day. Someone told me this before my first marathon and I thought they were silly, little did I know that extra clean pair of shorts would feel like a million bucks.
6) Start putting a list together of things to remember on race day, because let’s face it we get a little crazy on race day and we really don’t want to forget things.
7) Remember all the training and time you have put into this, don’t take it for granted!
8) Remind yourself why you like running, at this time we have trained hard and might not be 100% in love with the sport….so remember why you love it.
9) If you like to dedicate your race miles, start thinking of you’d like to dedicate those miles to. I put a list together and kept it in my pocket on race day. When it got tough I would pull it out, see what mile I was at and look at what person I dedicated that mile to. It made me smile and push just a little bit harder.
10) Last but not least……THIS IS THE BIG ONE….. REMEMBER TO TRUST YOUR TRAINING! You’ve worked your butt off, YOU GOT THIS…. No seriously you do!!!!!


No SERIOUSLY I do =) Remember WHY you love running!!