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Well, it’s Half Marathon Week………ARE YOU SERIOUS! I can’t believe it’s here. Not going to lie yesterday I was having mixed emotions about the week. I thought things like ughhhh I wish I had more time, like a month more of training……….then I looked at the forecast, seeing 80 and humid didn’t really make me ecstatic. I was seriously thinking man this sucks…

WTHHHHHhhhhh head! Stop that crap! =) Yes it’s going to be hot, probably humid, heck it might even rain but you know what?? IT IS WHAT IT IS! These are all things we can’t control. What we can control is how we handle it and how we mentally prepare for the week. So here are some Marathon Week Tips, take them or leave them =) Ohhhhhhhhh also, you may find that everyone is a dang expert these days. True, if you are running your first half or first full everyone is offering you some kind of advice. It’s really nice that they care, BUT remember everyone is different and you need to attack this thing doing what’s right for YOU. So once again, here is some advice…take it or leave it =)

1.) Stop the I can’t, seriously STOP it right F*ing NOW….it’s Marathon week, no time for those crazy thoughts.

2.) Hydrate, hydrate, for the LOVE OF GOD HYDRATE! I don’t care if you are drinking so much that you are either at your desk or in the bathroom. You need to get your body ready for this thing. Hydration starts WAY before the event. So get to it, bottoms up, start chugging.
3.) Get that playlist ready. It will help you get excited for the race and let’s face it come the harder miles; it’s nice to know there is a little Reba to push you forward (that would be one of my artists of choice).
4.) Don’t eat anything CRAZY. Stay with what your usal fair is. Now’s not the time to try that extra fibrous bread or oatmeal, don’t you dare start some strange cleanse. Stay with what you know.
5.) Don’t second guess your training, OR start comparing your training to another runner. You trained your best; you are EXACTLY where you should be.
6.) Enjoy the expo but not too much. The expo will be amazing with some pretty fantastic vendors BUT keep in mind the next day you will be crushing some serious distance so stay off those legs.
7.) Speaking of the expo, it’s cool to TREAT YOURSELF. Buy some new running gear =) BUT DON’T use it at Sunday’s race. You need to try that stuff out first and race day isn’t the time to do so.
8.) Enjoy some much deserved REST. Your miles should be lower this week, so enjoy those extra hours. Sit and RELAX, go to bed early maybe wake up a bit later.

9.) It looks like it’s going to be a warm one, so take a look at the course and know what mile markers will have those hydration stations. This way you will hopefully remember come race day.
10.) Every SINGLE DAY before the race, envision yourself crossing that finish line strong. SERIOUSLY if you need one of these tips to follow THIS IS IT. Running is very much a mind game so show that mind who’s BOSS…you are! Every night I am envision myself CRUSHING that finish line, leaving every part of me on the streets of Cleveland.

Happy Marathon Week friends, we got this!!