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Well, the ball has dropped and 2016 is HERE!  Dang where in the heck did 2015 go?!?!  It sure went by quickly.  2015 was a wonderful year for me.  I took on the Cleveland Half Marathon in May and crushed the Akron Marathon in September (with a PR of 3:49) AND THERE WASN’T A FLAT MILE!!


Pretty fantastic if you ask me!



The course elevation, maybe should have looked into this before the race…yep not one flat mile!


When you crush a Marathon, you EAT ALL CUPCAKES!

Oh and I placed 3rd overall female in the Akron Race for the Cure (I was beat by two college cross country racers so I am pretty pleased).


Top 3 finishers, Akron Race for the Cure 2015.

2015 was a huge year mile wise, I crushed 2060 TOTAL miles for the year.  That is over 5.5 miles a DAY, WOW!


Not only did I have a great running year but 2015 was pretty fantastic for my family.  We didn’t have any huge things happened and everyone remained healthy…yep pretty fantastic.


My amazing supportive husband and I.



My two Furbabies, Reese and Emma Jo!


In 2015 I even won our friend’s Italian Sauce Off!!  =)

So now we enter 2016…now what?!?!?!?!?  Well, I am not one for resolutions, if that is your thing good for you.  I personally think to resolve means to find a solution to a problem.  I don’t really think I am a problem, nor do I have a problem.  I do however think now is the perfect time to reflect, to learn, and to create intention.  ALSO I am ONLY in competition with myself…


Look in the mirror, that’s your competition….I NEED to BEAT HER!

So with that being said I do have some pretty exciting GOALS for 2016 as I am a #goaldigger!  So here they are:

1.) Focus on nutrition!!! – I know you are thinking, what?!?!  You already eat pretty healthy why would this be a goal for you.  Well the truth is I always feel like my nutrition is all over the place.  I either am right on track, usually only eating certain things and restricting myself of other things OR can be compared to an unsupervised child at a Birthday party. 050f2bb858c775389621383955d3561e506204-wm

I need to find balance!  It’s ok to have a cookie once and awhile and a cheat meal doesn’t mean to go completely off the rails.  I need a better relationship with food.  I need to be able to enjoy it and rid myself of any guilt when I do .  I have much room for improvement here, BUT it will happen. *****Disclaimer, I know I have already grown in this area as let’s face it I have come a long ways from my McDonalds Breakfast, full chipotle lunch, and pizza dinners =)

2.) Enjoy the moment!– I am very much a person that is always looking forward to something.  Looking forward to my next vacation, or life event but never really truly enjoying the moment I am in.  Life is too sort for this crap, I need to enjoy the moment I am in!

3.) Blog more! – I am once again an Ambassador for the Cleveland Marathon…HECK YES! So this means I need to blog more about my training process, so here I am once again committing to blogging more (make sure to check out all the ambassadors here). My goal is to blog at LEAST once a week.  Twice would be ideal but I am going to start small here.  I hope to keep you all posted about my training on the blog.  Also check my training out on instragram @cupcakesforPRs

4.) CRUSH CLEVELAND!!!– Yep this is a really lofty goal BUT I hope to crush the Cleveland Marathon.  For the past 3 years I have tackled the Cleveland half, this year for the first time I really have my sights on the FULL.

in coral

It’s go time! Cleveland Half Marathon 2015

This is MY RACE and MY TIME.  I have the training program, I am getting my nutrition on lock…..Its go time.  I have NEVER felt more ready.  I have a BQ dream, time to get after it!

PLUS, how cool would it be to CRUSH CLEVELAND and get a BQ WHILE running for my Irun4 buddy RY!


My AMAZING buddy RY!  I dedicate my miles to this sweet boy. He is always encouraging me and supporting me.  I can’t crush this thing without him!

5.) Be NICE to ME!!–  I am terrible to myself in my head.  I always see extra fluff on my body and am really MEAN to myself.  This needs to improve and is no way to live.  I am going to work on this.

So there you have it folks!   My 5 goals for 2016!  I don’t take my goals lightly, so I plan on crushing them.  What goals do you have for 2016??

Best to you for 2016!!