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Well here we are in the heart of winter!  UGHHHHHhhhhhhh!  I am thankful this winter isn’t nearly as bad as last, but let’s face it…it’s still winter.  I am 3 weeks into my training cycle and have to say I am feeling pretty strong.  For those of you following along here is a recap of the past two week’s training adventures:

Monday-9 miles (intervals) 2 mile warm up, 12×400 with 400 recovery, 1 mile cool down.
Tuesday- 7 easy miles
Wednesday-7 easy miles (am) + chest/shoulder work (pm)
Thursday- 7 easy miles (am)+ biceps and triceps (pm)
Friday- 3 easy miles then 60min spin class
Saturday- 10 mile long run
Sunday- 6 easy miles + AB work
Monday- 8.5 miles (intervals) 2 mile warm up, 8×600 with 400 recovery, 1 mile cool down.
Tuesday- Rest (am), chest & Shoulder, back work (pm)
Wednesday- 9 miles (tempo day) 2 mile warm up, 6 tempo miles, 1 mile cool down
Thursday- 7 easy miles (am)+ biceps/triceps/legs (pm)
Friday- 3 easy miles then 60min spin class
Saturday- 10 mile long run
Sunday- 6 easy miles +AB work

So I think I am off to a pretty solid start!  With that being said I thought I would give some of the tips I have learned for surviving training under the winter months:

  1. Always have a plan and try your best to follow it!  I am using the Hanson’s Marathon Method, but there are many amazing plans out there.  Pick one and use it! (I guess this goes for winter and other months).
  2. If you get worried about the cold/ice, don’t run outside…yep not worth it!  Find a gym with a treadmill!!  My treadmill is the ONLY reason I can make winter training possible, I dislike the cold and fell on black ice a few years ago…not making that mistake again.
  3. Intervals and Tempo runs are KEY.  Not only will these types of runs make you faster, BUT they help the time past by rather quickly when stuck indoors on the treadmill.
  4. Music!!!  I am so very fortunate to have a treadmill in the basement and some days that basement becomes a fricken CLUB.  That’s right the music is BLASTING and I am getting those miles in.  The music echoes throughout the house, the only thing missing are a few adult beverages 😉  I do have to admit during the holidays when my parents were here, it was a bit embarrassing when Move B!tc# came blaring throughout the house. Seriously though what is a club without some LUUUUDAAAA =)
  5. Netflix!!!  Seriously thank you Netflix for getting me through my long runs!  My latest obsession includes Parenthood, Orange is the New Black, and for some reason Food Truck Wars.  Just pick a show, pick your pace, and GO!
  6. Cover up the dang screen!  Unless you are doing intervals cover the treadmill screen up!  Watching the number of miles you are at will make this workout feel like FOREVER.  Pick your pace, lock in, and make it happen.  I usually tell myself I can’t look at the milage until a show is over, or I’ve listened to a certain number of songs.
  7. Watch your form.  If you can have a mirror near by USE it.  It isn’t often that we can actually see ourselves run.  The mirror allows you to see how your form is, and if you need to make any adjustments.
  8. DIG DEEP!  Not all treadmill runs will be dance parties or netflix binge dreams…some will just suck.  You will have to dig deep to get through it…
  9. Bribe yourself…yep along with digging deep you may have to bribe yourself to get it done.  For me I always think of the coffee and smoothie that is waiting for me when I finish.
  10. Remember there are only a few short months left of winter.  Use this time to crush that pace you’ve always wanted to get.  Also, when we do get a nice day ENJOY the outdoor run and don’t take it for granted.

Happy Miles and Training!!