Hello all!!!!  I hope you have been following my running adventure/training for the Cleveland Marathon via Instagram @cupcakesforPRs.  I try to post often and let you all know what my training week looks like.  Training for the most part has been going well.  I feel pretty strong, and have been staying with my training plan.

However…..IF you check out my instagram, you see all mostly positive running posts, which for the most part it is BUT there are some days running just doesn’t click!  For me my mind takes over and I have to convince myself that I am capable of doing it.  I think the mental game is at times harder than the physical one.

So today was one of those days.  I wanted to blog about it as I am sure this has happened to others and I want you to know you are NOT alone.  So today’s training called for 15 miles.  Well those 15 miles are done on some pretty tired legs as my training this week involved Monday-9 miles with intervals, Tuesday-no running but lifting, Wednesday-11 miles with 10+ at marathon pace, Thursday-8 easy paced miles (8:30ish) with PM lifting, Friday- 4 easy miles (8:40ish) plus a 60 min spin class.  So as you can tell my legs NOT FRESH (much like my gym clothes).

I got up this morning and didn’t want to run, nope not at all.  I looked over at my husband and he could see that all over my face.  I stayed in bed a little longer and even offered to cuddle (which if you know me, it’s not my style).  After about 30min I looked at my phone to see the weather situation.  A little chilly, not terrible BUT maybe some icey spots…. I HATE ice.  I texted with one of my fellow ambassadors, talking about running outside or inside.  We had a good little convo. (thanks Jess.) and I felt more motivated to get the long run in.

I got up and got ready, then grabbed my water bottle and towel.  Downstairs to the dreadmill.  This is when it happened……BREAKDOWN!!  Yep, tears…. I am never ever running a marathon again, I can’t do this, what did I get myself into, I can’t run, why do I think I can run, I’m not even good at running, running sucks, my legs are sore….MORE TEARS.  Poor Dana joined me in the basement, witnessing the break down in all it’s glory (I don’t know how he handles my crazy at times).

Dana gave me a much needed pep talk, reminded me how far I have come.  He even told me I was his hero (yelling through I tears I may have told him he needed a new F*N hero…sorry Dana).  Well I cued up the netflix and got it started.

After a few miles I found my grove.  I plugged the treadmill pace at 8:13, got the Netflix going with the movie Desert Runners (seriously great movie to watch on the dreadmill).  Once I got my mess of a self together, I crushed those 15 miles.

So yes, it’s not always rainbows and butterflies.  I don’t always jump out of bed eager to take on the miles.  However, I dig deep call on my support (thank God for Dana) and usually get it done.  So dig deep friends, we got this!  One foot in front of the other, mile by mile LET’S DO THIS THING!!



This support of my husband keeps be going!