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Hello all!

If you didn’t know this week has been pretty darn crazy.  I had a pretty fun week working with the folks at Stack.  They contacted me about 3 weeks ago wanting to do a story on my weight-loss and goal for the Cleveland Marathon.  I am really impressed on what they put together!  I still watch the video and think wait……is that me??  The only thing I would have done different is my hair….no seriously I know you all can see the video, I have one curl that is seriously out of place!  I mean couldn’t someone say something =)  If you missed it here is a link to the article/video (plus you know you want to look now to see that darn rouge curl) http://www.stack.com/a/jamie-johnston-200-pound-weight-loss-transformation

Some of my fellow Cleveland Ambassadors have done some fun blog posts, one of the being 20+ things you might not know.  So I decided to follow suit!  So here you go 20 RANDOM things you might not have known about me =)

eating banana

  1. I didn’t start running until about 5 years ago, I had never EVER ran in my life until then
  2. I hated running at first, and seriously thought I was going to die.
  3. I have finished 3 half marathons, and 2 full marathons and I am still trying to figure out my running nutrition.  Seriously my stomach has a love/hate relationship with the long run.
  4. I love a training schedule!  There is just something about knowing what exact training run you will be doing each day of the week.
  5. I love a routine!  Every morning I get up around 4:15, run, and then get ready for work.  You would thinking running that early would cause me to be exhausted all day, but for some reason it energizes me.
  6. I go to bed pretty early at night, yep due to that 4:15 wake up.  I am usually in bed by 9 or earlier.
  7. Running with Reese (my chocolate lab) is pretty much my favorite.  I love looking down and seeing the smile across her face, no seriously she smiles the whole dang time!
  8. I say a prayer before every race.  I have to thank God for this amazing gift, and let’s face it I pray to live through it!
  9. I have race day anxiety like you wouldn’t believe!  As you can tell I don’t do many races and there is a reason for that.  My anxiety gets to me!  I seriously feel ill, and am probably the biggest a$$ on race day mornings (my family usually doesn’t talk to me until the race is over).
  10. For every half and full marathon my husband Dana makes me cupcakes for the finish =)
  11. The cupcakes Dana makes aren’t usually consumed until about 2 hours after the race.  I always say I will have one right at the finish, but that darn stomach of mine is usually a mess.
  12. After every FULL marathon I have finished (2 to be exact) I pretty much swear off of ever running another one, and feel about one step away from death….but yet again here I am training for my 3rd.
  13. I do my hair for EVERY race, yep hairspray and all =)
  14. Running has helped my anxiety BIG time.  I am pretty sure I ‘d be on meds if it weren’t for running.
  15. During the week I usually don’t wash my hair!  Yep due to my morning runs and all my dang hair, I rock the dry shampoo and come Friday I hope for the best =)
  16. Every long run I start off almost crying.  Yep my head gets to me, I think I am going to hate life.  It isn’t till about mile 10 that I think, ok I got this.  Then when I am done I look forward to the next one….it’s a love hate relationship!
  17. After Saturday’s long run I LOVE to drink my smoothie, coffee, graham cracker, and protein bar.  Yep the same darn thing EVERY Saturday, and I look forward to it so very much…during my last mile I am already dreaming of my compression socks and smoothie in hand!
  18. Summer morning runs are my favorite!  I love watching the sun come up and the world come alive!
  19. I oddly don’t mind my treadmill runs.  I find it as a time to better myself and my pace.
  20. Most of the time I don’t feel like a real runner, I almost feel like a fraud. I don’t know why this is!  For some reason I feel that I am not an official runner, I have no idea why this is.  Maybe someday this will change.

I hope you all have a wonderful week!  What are some random running facts about you?