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Hello all =)

So I had this great idea, ok well I think great idea =)  I always blog about my husband and how he is by far my #1 supporter.  I honestly wouldn’t be able to accomplish anything without his love and support.  This journey brings out a special kind of crazy, a crazy that only this man can handle and deal with!!  Seriously he deserves a medal…

ANYWAYS, I asked Dana to put a blog post together for me. I said it would be interesting for folks to be able to see things through his eyes, through the eyes of a supporter.  HE AGREED!!!!!!  So here it is, probably the best blog post you will ever read on this site.  Not only is he great with words BUT he writes from his heart.

So here it is, my amazing guest blogger husband, Dana =)


Like a Good Pair of Sneakers…

Caring, Kind, Beautiful, Competitive, Best Friend; These are all words that describe my wife. These words described her 11 years ago when she first walked through my door and they describe her years later just the same. She’s always had a great heart and has cared about people, many of whom she doesn’t even know personally. This was one quality that I saw in her early on that I envied. How could someone just give of themselves without expecting anything in return? Such an amazing quality. And one of the reasons that this blog exists.

In July of 2010 I asked the most beautiful girl I’d ever dated to marry me. I remember it as if it were yesterday, the warm summer wind atop the Empire State Building tossed her hair while she looked out at the sunset over the Hudson River. I shakenly knelt on one knee and asked for her hand, not sure of what life would bring.

In a way, that was the start of our marathon, one that would take us up hills and push us to the very limits. As we’ve run our race, much like anyone else who runs, we got stronger, more flexible and had more stamina to power through and finish the rest no matter what the course holds for us.

As a spectator, one must learn a few things. Vocabulary is one of the major ones. PR, cargo-loading, what a split time is, 26.2 miles is the length of a marathon, 13.1 is half that, a 5K is about 3 miles and the 45 minutes it takes me to get 3 miles done my wife could have done two of them.

How to make a Killer cupcake is another. We have a great ritual the night before a race. I put on an apron – I’ve got a real tree one now so I don’t have to wear the frilly one – and whip up a batch of funfetti cupcakes with hot pink frosting. Always the same cupcakes, always the same frosting. I never knew how to make cupcakes (or bake anything) before my wife started running.

The most important skill a good supporter needs to know is how to be a good listener. Support is about being there. Not just physically, but being in the moment with her. Trying to understand why she feels stressed, anxious, emotional or happy. Sometimes… most times… there is absolutely no explanation. When that happens I don’t try to find one – I just smile and tell her I love her.

Understanding that I don’t have all of the answers and neither does she, but still doing our best together to be the best we can be.

To be a great race spectator means getting up early on race day, getting into the corral, painfully waiting for the starting gun, then saying a prayer for her safety as she bounds off into the horizon. Then comes the dash to get a good spot to watch the finish. Incidentally this is much easier on a long race because in the last 5K Jamie ran, she finished before the shuttle bus even got to the finish line.

There are few things greater than watching someone you love achieve their goals. Someone you’ve woke up with at 4am to see them off for their run, 6 am spin class, or waiting till 7:30-8pm to make supper because its weight lifting night. Knowing it would be easy to complain, but also knowing that nothing wonderful in life is ever achieved easily. All of this sacrifice is paid off with the smile, the joy of watching her succeed and knowing that you played a little part in that.

It’s been said “I watch you like a mirror because I see in you what I’d like to see in myself. Who we love is a reflection of who we’d like to be”. This quote sums up the reasons why I’d never miss a race, why her external commitments sometimes come before us. Because I see her desire to be better, her desire to do things she’s never done before. To push the envelope to make all of the naysayers eat their words. And she does… every time she walks out on to the course.

So as we keep running our marathon of life, I am certain that not every mile will be a PR, nor will there always be the wind at our backs, the cool breeze to make it more comfortable. There will be hills… Massive ones, but as long as we continue to run, as long as we never give up the fight, when the finish line comes, we’ll both know we left it all out on the road and we’ll cross the line smiling together.

Thank you DANA!!!! I LOVE YOU!