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OHHHH MYYYY GOSHHHHHHHHHH…………………..The Cleveland Marathon is 2 weeks away, I MIGHT be freaking out JUST A BIT! I keep watching the weather like some dang crazy lady.  As of now it has changed about 3 times, with the latest being 73 and cloudy PLEASE LORD KEEP THIS!!



So some of you might be wondering what the heck is a taper and what does it mean.  The taper is what happens in the weeks leading up to a racing event.  There is usually a decrease in miles and an increase in runner irritability.  YEP I haven’t even really started my taper yet and I am feeling this……UGHHHHH!!!!  My taper is usually CRAP, I don’t taper well and I usually get crabby, hungry, and doubt everything.  With the Hanson’s plan there is a very small taper, this will start for me after this Wednesday.  I know my body is ready for a little break and I am going to try my best to embrace it.

So now you might be asking how in the world is Jamie going to handle this taper, I mean I have been logging miles like a crazy lady…crushing some intervals, making those Wednesday Tempo runs my B*TCH…HOW IN THE WORLD WILL I HANDLE THE TAPER (yes I am yelling this in my head).


Ok deep breath here’s the plan…

I am going to focus on the following to survive my taper:

1. I am going to try and just RELAX…


2. I am going to look at my training log and see all the amazing things I have done in the past 18+ weeks, no need to doubt anything!


3. I will take many evening baths.  Yep I love a bath and it’s the only thing that really seems to relax me.  Most evenings I can be found in the bath with a beer…yep diet root beer, I am so hard core.

4. I am going to try to be over confident.  As you know I am usually pretty dang hard on myself.  So the next 2 weeks, I am going to be so dang confident.  HECK I might even come across arrogant as I will be THAT confident.

5. I will foam ROLL!  This NEEDS to happen…. Yes Dana I need to bring the roller back out, I know you have been telling me this =)

6. EVERY single night I am going to envision myself crossing that finish line.  Not only will I see myself crossing the finish line, I will be CRUSHING IT.

7. I WILL take care of me and get some sleep.  Less miles means more sleep, oh sleep I miss sleep! I might even cuddle with these little cuties…


8. I will look back at all the photos and running posts I have made, seeing how far I have come.


9. During this taper I am going to enjoy it, I have worked hard.  This is the clam before the storm….what I have been waiting for.

10. I am going to enjoy and look forward to marathon weekend during this taper.  My family will be coming from WI.  I have an amazing VIP reception Friday night, with a hot date and my fellow race ambassadors.

11. I might even clean the house a bit….ok yes I will do this as my family is coming =)

12. Not only will I focus on crossing that finish line, I am going to think about that ice cold adult beverage or 2 I will have after the race.  I gave up alcohol during training, so I should actually say that 1/2 of beverage I will have, as it’s not going to take much =)

13. During this taper I will carb load, but with a plan!  Last carb loading I MIGHT have gotten a bit carried away…I mean ummmm yea…. a learning experience right?


I might have hit the pancakes a little TOO hard during my last carb load =)


14. I will keep this in mind….. at the end of the day I did all I could to make sure I am ready for this marathon.  The rest is in God’s hands =)

15. I will remember and think of all my amazing supporters.  I have so many friends and family that have my back and support me.  I might even try to be extra nice to them…especially DANA!!  =)



How will you embrace the taper?  Are you ready to rock this thing, because I sure am!!