I am still on cloud 9 from this weekend’s marathon, and should be right?!?! However I must admit, in the back of my head I still keep thinking about Boston, qualifying for Boston.


I think of this weekends race like this (follow along it will make sense) it’s like you are at a Birthday party and you go to get a piece of cake, you see the piece you want it’s awesome….a corner piece….with the frosting down the sides….ooooo it even has extra frosting as this corner piece has a flower on top.


You wait for that piece, you are already thinking of how great it will taste.  Then it happens, the person in front of you TAKES your piece of CAKE!  You get yourself a different piece, are a bit disappointed BUT I mean you still have cake!  Then later….later you see this person, throwing away most of the piece of cake they have, making some comment like well it had too much frosting…………….NEVER ENOUGH FROSTING!

So I still had a pretty awesome race, it just wasn’t exactly what I wanted. However, this will throw you all for a loop…it was the race I NEEDED.  I needed to build some confidence.  If running through hail, snow, sleet, squalls of crap, down pours, and 4 bathroom stops with a finishing time of 3:35:46 doesn’t build confidence….I mean come on, OH AND A 14 MIN marathon PR!  I seriously had a turning point this weekend.  I now kind of think I am a serious runner, not just a runner a MARATHONER!!

Jamie Johnston Runners World 2

Also I did have a big realization.  Ok so I missed the BQ by 46 seconds, but did I really?  I mean there are many people that got the EXACT qualifying time they needed, but still didn’t make it into Boston last year, as they needed to be just a little under.  So how terrible would it have been to get the exact time needed, and then not get in.  I mean that would be like having no cake at the party and having to go home early……………SUCKS!

So now I have a fricken fire in my belly.  This BQ IS and WILL happen but when?!?!  What race? Where???  What’s the plan?? I have to have a plan!  Ok, ok , ok one thing at a time.  I have some races I am considering here is the short list: Fox Communities Marathon in Appleton, Wisconsin OR  Erie Marathon in Pesque Isle, Erie PA.  Those might get me into the 2017 race.

Pros/Cons to Fox Communities Marathon

Pros: It’s in Wisconsin, my family and TONS of friends are in WI.  I bet I could have a friend or family member at every darn mile!  This would be pretty fantastic.

Pros: It’s a small race.

Pros: With having family and friends throughout the course they can have my water and gels, I really wouldn’t have to carry a single thing.

Cons:  Still not sure about the course, in the description it stats 6 miles of paved trails. Also unsure of the course elevation.

Cons: The date….September 18th, this might be REAL close to the cut off for Boston 2017.

Cons: Travel time, it takes about 8 hours to get there.

Pros/Cons to Erie Marathon

Pros: This race is known to be a Boston Qualifier.

Pros: The date is still close the 2017 Boston cut off, but it’s Sept 11th.

Pros: Travel time is under 2 hours, wouldn’t have to take much time off

Cons: What would we do with the dogs?

Cons: I’ve never traveled to an unknown location to run…maybe this could also be a pro?

As you can see I have a lot to think about.  There is also the idea of waiting and doing a real true fall marathon like Columbus which would get me into the 2018 Boston Marathon (If I qualified).

So there are a lot of if’s out there.  Also this is all relative as I might sign up, go out on race day and not qualify….but I need to get out there and TRY!!

Here’s what I am going to do.  Keep thinking….I will take advice if anyone has any….Consult with my crew (DANA)….Make a plan with said crew…..rock the plan…

Stay tuned…