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Happy Wednesday all!!!

It’s hard to believe two weeks ago I was running 13.1 miles before work, 10 at a marathon pace.  One week ago I was tapering for my marathon, and then today…today I didn’t do crap!!!

I have had a lot of emotions since my marathon on Sunday.  Some moments of anger as COME ON MAN I really wanted that BQ!  Then moments of…. you know what 3:41 isn’t a bad time at all, with 90% humidity nice job. Then omg….training is over now what?!?!  Then wow girl you completed 2 marathons this year with times of 3:35 and 3:41 that’s amazing!

Usually around this time  the Marathon Blues set it, it’s a real thing look it up.  You basically have spent all this time training, preparing and getting ready for this BIG event and NOW it’s over!!! It is well kinda sad!  I didn’t realize it was a thing until a dear friend pointed it out. Pretty much every marathon that I have completed I have had the marathon blues. They have lasted a week or two, and then slowly go away.  SO far…so far GUESS WHAT?!?!  No marathon blues for this girl!  Seriously, I was so darn sick of training for this thing….I would have tossed in the towel months ago if I wasn’t so committed, plus there was the whole going home to run a marathon thing.

I now have time to REST, RELAX, do WHATEVER THE HELL I WANT!  I don’t have a 13 mile training run before work.  Saturday I won’t be longing over 2-3 hours out on the road.  Now don’t get me wrong I love a training schedule I do, but back to back marathons ARE A LOT and for both of these I completed full training cycles.

Now folks keep asking me, welllllppppp what’s next Jamie.  What are you going to do??  You all I am going to rest!  I am going to practice some BALANCE in my life!!!  This past year or so has been crazy miles, CRAZY MILES.  I am going to figure out a balance of food and running for fun.  It doesn’t have to be crazy weeks of 60+ miles, nope……relaxxxxxx enjoy life.

So what is next for me, balance that’s what’s next.  I love fall and I am going to enjoy the heck out of it.  I love crisp morning runs, with no pace to chase after and I am going to run those miles.  I LOVE pumpkin spice EVERYTHING and I am going to enjoy this, with moderation of course.  Now this will take the same discipline I just completed with my training as balance doesn’t come easy for me, it really is something I have struggled with for YEARS.  I am going to try my best =)


So for now I rest, enjoy, and ahhhhh yes BALANCE!!




PS- Part of this plan also involves blogging more =)