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I know some of you didn’t think it was possible BUT I did it!  I gave myself a whole week of rest.  No running, no activity, just pure relaxation!!!!  I am actually pretty impressed with myself as I almost gave in today as it’s a beautiful morning and a run would have been nice, BUT NO I said one week and I am sticking with it =)

Tomorrow morning I think I am going to attempt 3 miles in the morning, but we will see.  I have some time to relax and enjoy off season.  No rush, no need to get the miles in, no pressure…..this all is so nice!

So I have had a lot of time to think of things and as you know I am always honest with you all……always, maybe too honest and open at times but you know what I am not going to be fake just because someone may read this blog and think differently of me.  Don’t follow me, or read my blog…that’s ok =)

I have beat myself up a bit this week.  The 46 seconds of Cleveland and 6 minutes of the Fox Communities Marathon have messed with my head a bit.  ALL that training and miles that I put in, to NOT accomplish my goal.  That will mess with you a bit.  I was pretty mean to myself yesterday, and did have a day of tears (come on you all knew it was coming).


However I did learn a lot in this training season and thought I would share some of those things….

  1. Back to back marathon training is hard! Not something I would really recommend.  However if I do this again, I will take a small break in-between training….for like more than 2 weeks.
  2. Fuel is key!  I learned a lot about nutrition during this training and I am so very thankful I started to fuel my body properly!  CARBS are good and do help you run!!
  3. If things happen in life and you miss  a few training days the world won’t come crashing down, BUT you should try your best to stick to it.
  4. Tempo runs, interval runs ARE KEY!  If you want to increase your speed you need these training days.
  5. Support is NEEDED!  Training isn’t easy and will play with your head a lot. If you don’t have the support of the loved ones around you, well I really don’t know how it would be possible.  So make sure everyone is on board. Also enlist some seasoned runners, as you will have TONS of questions!
  6. Long runs are game day practice!  You should use your fueling plan and stick with it, this is the only way you will figure out what works on race day.  I am still learning this and need to be better with it.
  7. The last 6 or so miles of the marathon are KEY!  This is usually when my race is made or falls apart.  There is no telling what can take place during those last 6 miles.
  8. Stick to your plan on race day.  It’s so easy to get caught up in the excitement and start out fast, or to forget to fuel yourself.  Try to stick to the plan and put it into motion.
  9. Respect the distance!  26.2 miles is a long ways!  I really try not to think about that much, as that will plan with your head during training, but dangggggg.  Drive 26.2 in the car and really think about it!  It is no small feat!
  10. Be thankful.  Seriously be thankful during a training cycle.  Thankful to log the miles, thankful for your health!  Not many people can do all of this, so thank God for the opportunity to do so.

Now that this training cycle is over, and I have had my day of tears (yesterday) I am putting my big girl pants on and moving forward.  HECK I completed two marathons this year at pretty ok times 3:35:46 (yes I had to put the 46 seconds there) and 3:41.  (now at four total completed marathons).

Also, as you all know I am pretty damn tenacious and I can’t let this goal rest.  I do have a plan to tackle it again, and a pretty fantastic plan if you ask me =)  I will share that in a later post (I know the suspense is killing you).  I Jamie Johnston am a marathon addict…


Happy Sunday Friends!  Go Pack Go!