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I have been thinking about this blog post for a loooonnnnnnnggggg time.  In my head I have probably wrote and then rewrote it.  I don’t want to come across like an a-hole, but I also think there is something that needs to be addressed.  So here we go, I can tell you are already on the edge of your seat.

Why do we compare ourselves so much to others????  Seriously?  I too have done this in all aspects of my life, my professional life, my personal life…..fitness….running…everything.  I mean you look at instagram and you see all these posts some of these people are dang beasts!!  Makes me think WOW how do I get to be that fit, how can I look like that, what’s wrong with me , how can I improve????????

Sometimes comparing yourself to others will have you rethinking your current lifestyle and routine.  I have been through phases of this.  I would see someone online or in the fitness world and think, well if only I ate what they ate….if I did that then I would have their results.  ORRR you go out to lunch/dinner with a fit friend and you think well I WILL JUST HAVE WHAT SHE’S HAVING. You don’t get something you’d like to have, or really enjoy… you give in and have whatever your friend is having.

This we need to STOP doing… right this second…… JUST STOP!



When you are working on your own fitness things you don’t realize is everyone is at a different point of their journey AND different programs and approaches work for different people.  My journey started with weight watchers, it gave me the start I needed.  I then stopped and kinda was in limbo and now I track macros, which for me has been life changing…….BUT THAT IS FOR ME!

Now there are tons of approaches out there…..macro counting, logging with my fitness pal, weight watchers, I have seen some people ordering meal plans online……some even hire a personal training.  YOU DO WHAT’S RIGHT FOR YOU.  For me, I can’t buy meals online or have someone telling me what to eat……if I can’t sustain it for a lifetime I don’t want to do it, crash diets don’t work (IMO).

So yes share recipes with friends, get the salad when out if that’s what YOU want. However stop comparing yourself to others.  We are all at different parts of our journey and different things work for different people.  For me I have discovered CARBS aren’t bad, they actually help me with my training.  I have also discovered fruit and veggies are great but in moderation, you can’t put the whole fruit bowl into a smoothie….that doesn’t work for me.

Also, as I was thinking about this I was thinking of the I’LL HAVE WHAT SHE’S HAVING mentality.  Say you are out with a friend and she gets a burger, you think ok she’s getting that so I will too…..or maybe she gets a salad and you had your day planned and wanted a buger but decide to get the salad as your friend did.  You don’t know what your friends plan was for that day right?  Maybe your friend started the day with something small and she planned in the burger, maybe she has plans later that day for ice cream so she opted for the salad at lunch……IT’S HER JOURNEY, HER PLAN NOT YOURS!  Stop doing what the group is doing…..YOU DO YOU.

Same thing goes for a fitness routine.  For me I have fallen in love with running, love it!  I love running so much that for me 8 miles is my perfect distance.  I think it’s enough that I get to do it in the morning before work without being rushed, and it’s enjoyable.  NOW not everyone likes to run, that’s ok.  I have had so many folks ask me how can I get into running, how can I learn to like it?  UMMMm……… if you don’t like it, I can make you like it, it’s ok IT’S NOT FOR YOU!  Find something you like!!!  Maybe it’s zumba, weight lifting, walking, ANYTHING….YOU DO YOU.

Well, I think I was all over the place..maybe rambled and didn’t make sense however I needed to address this.  So yes, use your friends as inspiration, maybe look at their food log for some meal ideas BUT don’t be crazy and try to duplicate their efforts.  Everyone’s body is different, you need to know what your body likes….what fuels your passion, what fuels you’re body. YOU DO YOU!