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Hello all!

I am sure you have noticed that I haven’t been too social on the social media lately.  Life has just been BUSY!!!!  You ever have that moment where you finally get to sit down, then realize oh my goodness it’s 8:30pm only a half hour till bed.  I mean I seriously go to bed pretty early as I am up at the crack of dawn to log some miles =)

Anyways… training for this years Cleveland Half sure hasn’t been going as planned.  There have been some illnesses, we all remember this sick little face…

injuries (dang hamstring)…


and well just LIFE…  Training has taken the backseat.  Which honestly hasn’t happened to me since like 2011 when I took on this journey (remember that whole lost over 180 pound journey).  So oddly, it was soooo needed.

It was like I set forth to have BALANCE in my life this year, and only was embracing it in my head…. I still was doing WAY too much and probably taking my body to places it shouldn’t have been going, when it really just wanted me to RELAX.

With all of this being said I have made a HUGE decision.  I say HUGE because for me this is kind of a big deal, BUT it’s what’s best for me.  I will NOT be running the Cleveland Half Marathon….sighhhhhh….. that feels like a huge weight being lifted off my shoulders!!!  My body can’t do it this year, my body needs a little tiny mini break.  Honestly my mind needs it too.  You see I can’t ever go into a race and just race for fun…..NOPE sorry, I am NOT that girl… seriously look at that race face…..

If I am in a race, I am at that starting line putting everything into it.  I am too darn competitive to run a race for fun.  If I want to run for fun, I can do that ANY day right around my neighborhood.  For me the second I put that race bib on, I am on a PR hunt.  I know if I line up on that start line for the Cleveland Half I will more than likely injure myself more, or maybe even NOT be able to finish.  This just isn’t in the cards for me this year and guess what, that’s ok (I have to keep telling myself that)!

So for now I am going to continue to listen to my body, enjoy my spin classes, log some nice early morning miles, and ENJOY time with my family and HUSBAND. I mean look how much fun we have together ❤ ❤ ❤

Sorry to those I have let down or disappointed with this decision BUT I need to focus on me.  I will come back STRONGER and BETTER… just WATCH.  Also a special thank you to the Cleveland Marathon.  Thanks for letting me be an Ambassador this year.  I still love your dang race, just can’t run it… I will be on the sidelines with some signs….maybe a blow horn to “encourage” my other running friends (I can finally be that girl).

I have some ideas on what this means for me, and some ideas on what a great come back race MAY be BUT you know what….. for now, for now I am just going to be =)