As many of you know, Dana and I recently moved into our HOUSE!  Thank goodness, this was sure a long time coming =)  We are so very thankful to be here, I feel like I am living in a dream some days.  A special thank you to you all for dealing with all of our Facebook posts, as I am sure they get annoying we just want to share our experience with some of our loved ones (unfollow works if you are really sick of it).

Do you ever find yourself saying…I will do this when X happens. For example I will buy that perfect dress I have been looking at when I lose 5 pounds, I will go for a run/walk/hike when it’s nice out, well I am waiting to use this item as I want the moment to be perfect.  I will give my grandma/grandpa a call when I have more time to talk.

I too have been like that!  I will have a new clothing item or something that I hold back using just waiting for the PERFECT moment, or that exact right time. OR I build this thing up so much in my head that when it does happen, I can’t ever meet my own expectations. This move has really taught me that there really isn’t a perfect moment, nope not really.

This happened recently and really put things into perceptive for me.  We have a great new outdoor space with a fireplace and patio (I know you all are like we know Jamie we have seen the pictures) BUT we were waiting for that perfect moment to have our first fire and enjoy it.  I had this vision in my head, the fire crackling maybe some rain outside, a glass of wine, maybe some stuff to make some smores….oh music, music is a must (yes I built this sucker up BIG TIME).

So this morning I woke up and looked at the fireplace and thought oh man I would really love a fire this morning, but we haven’t had that perfect moment to have one yet.  Then I started thinking more, with how life has been lately it has taught me there are no guarantees and you can have the best plans and intentions BUT life might have other ideas.  So I finally said to Dana.  Let’s just do it, lets have a fire this morning!  He then said, but I have been waiting for the perfect moment.  To which I surprisingly said, this is it…this is the perfect moment. Thinking in my head this is perfect because WE make this moment perfect.  You know what, it was just perfect! We enjoyed the nice fire with some coffee this morning, and it was so very nice.  Just think of all those days we wasted because the perfect moment wasn’t here yet.


Had to make sure everything was working right =)


and the PERFECT moment…


This PERFECT moment was enjoyed by all =) 

I do stuff like this to myself all the time and it’s ridiculous.  This move has taught me that I need to live in the moment I am in MORE!!!!  It’s ok if I don’t run 8 miles every morning, you know what you might even miss some runs BECAUSE LIFE HAPPENS.  That perfect moment that you built up in your head, well it can’t happen because well it’s just not realistic. If you want the outfit BUY it, who cares about the 5…10….20…50 pounds oreos are real and that outfit will look fantastic IF YOU FEEL FANTASTIC!

I know this has been a rather lengthily story and I have brought it in many directions, but my point is….don’t spend your life waiting for that perfect moment, don’t be so darn hard on yourself.  Don’t waste the days, months or even years before doing/trying something or NOT doing something (it’s ok to give yourself a break).  The perfect moment is RIGHT NOW, because YOU make it perfect! Also try to be easy on yourself, this life is here for you to enjoy….spend more time doing that. That is what I am fighting like heck to do more of.