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Failure is something we all try to avoid right?  Something that is BAD, TERRIBLE, MUST be avoided at ALL costs.  Well, for me failure is my biggest fear (hello being vulnerable on my blog).  It’s true.  I don’t want to fail!!  I also think my definition of failure is pretty strict, I hold myself to some pretty high standards.

To me I fail if I don’t accomplish anything I set out to do.  My biggest fear failure is to gain all my weight back!  I DON’T WANT TO GO BACK HERE…


I also think that failure means not running a certain amount of miles or adhering to a certain nutrition program every week……. well that’s just kinda silly right?  However it’s true….remember I am being honest and vulnerable here? =)

If you have been following along with me via instagram and Facebook you would know that I am kinda injured.  I say kinda as really do runners EVER really fully admit to being hurt???


Well, my dang hamstrings are a mess, and to be honest it’s a damn miracle I have lasted this long without being injured.  Seriously think about it.  I never REALLLLLLLLYYYYY took a break from training.  If I am being 100% honest, which I think I am being (back to that whole this blog is about being vulnerable and honest) 8 miles most days well that’s just crazzzzzzzyyyyyy.

So now I have been really listening to my body, trying to balance out my nutrition AND have been doing things I LOVE!  For example today I am pretty exhausted as I worked 10+ hours last night, before I would have felt that I HAD to run today (as I didn’t run yesterday)…..even if I was exhausted.  Well I am recovering from this injury so guess what… I got a little rest and am relaxing today….gasssssppppppppp!

Also I have always had it in my head that I needed to get in so many miles every week.  Some weeks I would have rather went to my Wednesday and Friday spinning classes, but I didn’t as I wouldn’t hit my miles (yes some silly number in my head).   I love spin and last week rested, AND went to class Wednesday and Friday!!

I think this injury was God’s way of making me slowdown, seriously friends I needed this.  In my head I do however feel like I am some kind of failure.



Here I am an ambassador of the Cleveland Marathon, and am NOT training.  I haven’t been blogging much as well, I feel like in some way I am letting folks down BUT guess what?!?!  This happens to folks!!!  I should be posting this stuff, as I am sure other folks are having similar issues/problems.  So yes I am an injured runner, but oddly I am embracing the suck and improving myself.

So now what?!?!  Will I run the Cleveland Half Marathon in May???  Will this hamstring issue heal itself??  You know what????  I just don’t know and that IS OK!

For now I am going to take it slow! I am going to foam roll, I have some new shoes I order ed (they will be here tomorrow!!!!!) …going to rest a bit more, go to a few more spin classes….get back into this slowly.  I am even going to do my favorite thing, take on some morning runs and watch the sun come up!!!



I told you all this was my year of balance, God just needed to show me what balance was truly about!

What obstacles are you currently facing?  How are you combating them?

#embracethesuckandmovetheFU*Kforward =)