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Happy Sunday all!

I hope your Sunday is filled with glorious miles or even some much needed rest.  Sundays are always my rest days.  I use to struggle so bad with the rest day, like ummmm what do I do with myself I NEED to exercise or do some type of physical activity.  My amazing coach (thanks Katie, check out my amazing coach she’s doing some AWESOME STUFF) and some friends helped me with that, and let me tell you these rest days are now looked forward to and enjoyed! Life is too short and we work to hard to not take a break and recharge.

It’s that time of year where sickness is around us!  Everyone has colds, flu, sinus issues, just NASTY crap going around.  Well, if you follow me on Instagram you will see that I too got the sickness!!! In this picture here it was about 6:00pm and I was in bed, with my jacket on trying to locate my sunglasses (on my head).


This sickness was brutal and on top of it I ended up with a terrible ear infection.  So needless to say my training had to take the backseat.  I listened to my body and took some rest days.  I only averaged about 20ish miles this week.  I HAD to listen to my body!!

Well, now that the sickness is over, I felt like I could take on training full steam ahead….WRONG!  DANG IT!  My hamstring has been bugging me like crazy, soooooo hello foam roller!!  I have been foam rolling like a crazy lady AND taking advantage of my local spin studio.

I have realized a lot during this training (so far) and you know that that is?  LIFE HAPPENS!!  It sure does!  There are things we just can’t control.  I have seen many people post about sickness, injury, or the fact that they have been stuck on the treadmill due to the winter and being freeze babies.  Guess what??? It’s OKKKKKK!  Keep doing what YOU can.

There are so may times we beat ourselves up over the things we can’t do.  We need to (including myself) be better at celebrating what we CAN do.  So your long run didn’t go as planned…you got the sickness…..you have some injury that is nagging you.  YOU DO YOU, figure out a plan to move forward.  You only can control SO MUCH.  YOU DO YOU and guess what you’re exactly where you need to be.

Keep going strong friends!  We have a little over 2 months yet, plenty of time to take on some awesome miles and plenty of time for LIFE to happen.  Don’t stress…… ROLL with it (or foam roll, hahah see what I did there =) )