This week my husband was out of town. I tried my best to keep busy, as I missed him like crazy! My evenings were filled with grilling adventures, 3 mile runs, and 50 Shades of Grey. I decided this week I would try some new grilling creations and if I liked them I would make them for Dana upon his return home. The first night I made a very summerish salad. I started by grilling shrimp, kiwi, strawberries, and pineapple on skewers.

This was a great idea but in the future I would only grill the pineapple and shrimp. The strawberries and kiwis would taste best in the salad right out of the fridge. My dressing for this salad consisted of a balsamic vinaigrette that came in a spray bottle, I also added some feta cheese. This provided just enough dressing that didn’t overpower the salad.

Another grilling adventure I tried involved grilling salmon. When I was at the grocery store I actually found this lovely creation that had season salmon vacuum packed on a cedar plank. I read the directions and basically just had to get the grill ready, place the cedar plank down (which already had the salmon on it and was soaked in water so it wouldn’t burn), close the grill and cook for 16 minutes. This was amazingly easy and very yummy! I grilled shrimp this evening too, on skewers.

I turned the shrimp into a light salad and had the salmon on the side, it was delightful.

I was then able to have the other ½ of my salmon the next day for lunch. I ate the salmon cold on a bed of mixed greens with cold strawberries and blueberries. For my dressing I once again used the balsamic vinaigrette spray.

Every night this week I got some type of activity in. I would either run 3 miles or run 1 mile to the recreation center lift weights, and then run 1 mile home. This week I made the best progress with my running. I managed to average 10:41/mile twice! Also both these runs were the distance of a 5K.

Overall this week has been filled with healthy grilling, fantastic nightly runs, and some hot reading but this girl misses her husband!! I can’t wait to see him later today.

Have a great week everyone and if you haven’t get grilling!