How do you Cross Train?


Happy Tuesday Friends! I hope everyone is having an amazing day. I am happy to see that the temps and weather here in northern Ohio will be more spring like! I am hoping winter is OVER (I hope I didn’t just jinx it).

I am so ready to hit the pavement and run outside! I am hoping the rain and cold stay away =) I realize some of you have ran outside all winter, and don’t mind a little rain. I think I am kind of a fickle runner. I don’t like the cold and I HATE running in the rain. Good thing I have a gym membership =)

I am feeling pretty solid about my training so far. All of my training has been done on the treadmill, so I am anxious to get outside. As many of you know this is my 2nd ½ marathon. Last year my training ONLY consisted of running. I didn’t do any cross training or weight training. This year is different! This year I have cross trained and weight lifted! I feel stronger overall and I hope this is going to help me master all 13.1 miles =)

Here are some reason I think you should consider cross training and weight lifting:

1)      Helps with the boredom! I don’t know about you but as much as I LOVE running, the same old running routine can get a bit boring. So why not challenge yourself and try something different =)

2)      I have read numerous articles and reports that these types of activities help with recovery and injury prevention. If you think about it, it makes sense! You are strengthening your muscles, helping to use them to power through your runs.

3)      TONING! Last year when I was solely running, I felt great yes but I still felt a bit flabby. Now I DO understand that after losing over 180lbs not everything is going to be tight and let’s face it lose skin will be there BUT there are ways to combat this a bit. Weight lifting! I am seeing a bit of definition in my arms and other parts of my body, this makes me smile and helps me feel better about wearing tank tops and short sleeve shirts =)

4)      Building muscle helps burn calories =) If you are looking for a little extra push, weight lifting helps you burn calories throughout the day, not just during your workout.

So if you are just starting out, or have been training awhile give weight lifting and some cross training a try. I am sure you won’t regret it.

On top of my running routine I am currently rowing, weight lifting, and using the elliptical =) What cross training are you doing?

Treadmill, my Frenemie =)

It’s hard to believe that April is almost here!! April should mean warmer temps right?!?! This has to be the LONGEST winter EVER. Just when you think winter is over, it gets colder and more SNOW!!

I have been trying my very best to prepare for the Cleveland Rite Aid ½ marathon by training indoors. The treadmill strangely is no longer an enemy, but it’s not really a friend either…… it’s ummm right in the middle, I believe the term would be FRENEMIE ;) Along with the treadmill I have been elliptical training as well as weight training. THIS HAS BEEN SO HELPFUL. I think the different treadmill exercises in combination with these other exercises are going to have me rocking this ½ marathon (fingers crossed).

As I look to April I am hoping for warmer temps and long runs outdoors!! IS THAT TOO MUCH TO ASK?!??!
Also, I realize I am a blog SLACKER soooo until the Cleveland ½ you can expect to see at least one post from me per week about my training, heck it’s go time right????? So let’s do this thing =)

Any of you training for a race? How have you been managing the winter from HEL! ?

Rite Aid Cleveland Marathon Entry Winner!


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After writing down all the entries and using a random online generator we have a winner!!!! Congrats to Kathleen Soukup Field!!!! Kathleen I look forward to running the streets of Cleveland with you =)

If you didn’t win please consider signing up for the race. This is a great course, with wonderful folks cheering you on (what more could you want). Also if you are still hoping to win a race entry visit the Rite Aid Cleveland Marathon Bloggers blogs. Some of them still have entries to give away….

Please continue to visit! I would love to learn more about you and will be posting more about my training for the Rite Aid Cleveland Half Marathon!!!!


One Last Chance, Rite Aid Marathon Entry =)

Well friends, this is it. My last post for you to comment on to enter into my giveaway for the Rite Aid Cleveland Marathon (any of the races this weekend). Your comment counts as an entry and I also decided to give extra credit points to those that actually answer tonight’s question (hey it’s my giveaway so I can do what I want =) ).

My question tonight is, what would you like to hear more about on my blog? What will help you train? What information in general would you like to read, find useful.

At the finish of last year's Rite Aid Cleveland Marathon enjoying a cupcake my husband made!

At the finish of last year’s Rite Aid Cleveland Marathon enjoying a cupcake my husband made!

Best of luck all!

Also remember you can get two more entries by visiting commenting/sharing my status.

Giveaway EXTENDED…

Hello all,

I have been trying my best to post and give you all tons of opportunities to enter my giveaway (entry to the Rite Aid Cleveland Marathon) BUT feel I haven’t posted nearly enough! SOOOOOO I am extending the giveaway. Today and tomorrow will count as well, ending SATURDAY at MIDNIGHT. So please check my facebook page and back here for opportunities. I will be announcing the winner on Sunday =)

Your comment on this post counts as an entry =) Today I am extra hungry so I thought I would ask a food related question. What is your go to food, something you most likely have EVERY day.

For me it’s my morning smoothie! Frozen strawberries,frozen banana, kale, unsweetened almond milk, protein powder, chia seeds, and blueberries (gosh now I am more hungry!).

Just about to finish this thing, I am floating!!

Just about to finish this thing (last year’s Rite Aid Cleveland 1/2 Marathon), I am floating!!

So spill it, what’s your go to food =)

Happy Friday!

Also if you are looking for more chances to enter the giveaway check out my facebook page ( A comment on the specified status and a share can get you two more entries.

Half Marathon Training and then some….

Hello all!

I hope everyone is having a wonderful week! As many of you know running a race takes training and at times it’s more training than just running. I have added some variety to my training involving weight lifting, rowing, the elliptical and yoga. I honestly can say it has transformed my workouts! I don’t feel like I am in a rut any more and I have SERIOUSLY noticed a difference in my running form.

So besides running what do you do?? Crossfit, Zumba, Yoga, Weight Lift, Spin, Walk? What do you like about this other activity? Has it helped with your running performance?

Comment below =) Also your comment below counts as an entry for my Rite Aid Cleveland Marathon Giveaway =)


Rite Aid Cleveland Marathon Course

Hello all,

This is another opportunity enter yourself to win an entry to the Rite Aid Cleveland Marathon =)  This post is super short and sweet today.  I am providing a link to the course maps for the different races being sponsored race weekend.  Comment on what you are most excited about for the course.  Remember your comment is an entry for my giveaway.






FREE Entry to the Rite Aid Cleveland Marathon!


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I am so darn excited to make this announcement!!!  I have one FREE entry for the Rite Aid Cleveland Marathon….WHOHOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!  OH and it’s to giveaway to one of YOU (even better right?).  As many of you know I am going to be running the Rite Aid Cleveland Half Marathon, this will be my 2nd time and 2nd half!


Crushing a cupcake after last year’s Rite Aid Cleveland Marathon.

kiss medal

Kissing my very first Half Marathon Medal.

So you can come join me.  The cool thing about this entry is it can be used for any of the races that weekend so maybe you’re interested in the Full, Half, 10k, or 5k…….it’s really up to you =)  Check out all the information here:

Now for the details right?!  Seriously how can you win this?  Every day I will be posting here on my blog as well as my facebook page (  Everyone that comments will be entered into the drawing as well as folks that share my status from my facebook page.  Make sense?  So you can comment on facebook, comment on the blog, AND share my facebook status (3 entries per person per day, if you choose to do all 3).  Please note only 3 entries are allowed per day, so multiple comments might show you are awesome and engaged but won’t get you more entries. This contest will start today, RIGHT this second and END Friday, February 28th at Noon.  I hope to name the winner on Saturday March 1st.

Alright so here are the details listed:

1)    You can enter up to 3 times a day (ONLY 3)

  1. Enter by commenting on my facebook status that day It must be the status I specify that day.
  2. Enter by sharing my facebook status that day (Same status as #1 that will be specified for that day).
  3. Enter by commenting on my blog post that day (only the post I make that day). Right here this blog

2)    Contest starts NOW 2/24/14

3)    Contest ends 2/28 NOON

4)    Winner will be named 3/1, please note I will be using a random online system so everything will be fair.

Good luck all!!!!



PS- This does count as the first post, first official day of the contest SOOOO comment below on how excited you are (this comment counts as an entry).

My love/hate relationship with OHIO and training!


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As some of you know I live in Ohio.  Yep cold, snowy OHIO!  It’s odd I have a love hate relationship with this state.  I love it as it’s where I reconnected with my now husband, hate it as it’s far away from my family and some friends (they live in Wisconsin), hate the cold winters, love my job and my work family,  BUT overall find I love this state, while living in this state I have done some AMAZING things…..lost over 180lbs, built a house with my husband, became a puppy mom not once but TWICE (we are flippin crazy), completed my first ever ½ Marathon….. the list goes on =)

So I decided once again to take on a ½ marathon ekkkkkkkkk!!!  Seeings how I live in the Cleveland area and have this love/hate relationship with that state of Ohio I decided to take on the Cleveland Rite Aid Half Marathon yet again!!  I have a feeling this is going to be an annual race for me.  I mean come on it was my first ½ ever and SERIOUSLY the people of Cleveland are AMAZING supporters.  I honestly don’t know how I would have killed 13.1 miles without the love and support I received throughout the course. SOOOOOO if you are on the fence about this race DON’T be, sign up honestly you won’t regret it!

Back to my love/hate relationship with OHIO…. So with signing up for a ½ marathon comes the training.  YEP training to run 13.1 miles!!  How is one supposed to do this when we experience -35 degree days (no lie I was home from work as it was so darn cold out), black ice, and SNOW.  Well, oddly I have fallen in love with the treadmill.  Yep some people feel like a little gerbil running on that thing, but oddly lately I have found it to be somewhat freeing.  I have been using my time on the treadmill as a time to push myself (I lovingly call it the dreadmill).  Intervals have become my new friend!!!  I am hoping these intervals will help increase my pace a bit, as I did pretty great last year completing the ½ in 1:53 minutes (now I have to beat myself).

Now you might be asking, what do you mean by intervals and how can I also try this out?  For me I have been doing ¼ mile intervals (400’s).  I will run ¼ mile at a pretty aggressive pace (8.4, 7:09/mile setting) and then my next  ¼ mile will be at a slower pace more of a jog than a run (6.6, 9:05/mile setting), then I keep alternating between the two.  Some days I up my aggressive pace (up to 9.0, 6:40/mile setting) while other days the 8.4 setting is all I have in me (let’s face it some days are just better run days than others).


Sprinkles (what I call my Garmin 610) after 11 miles of intervals =)

You might be thinking well 8.4 pfffff I am faster than that OR 8.4 I’d die.  Find your own comfortable aggressive pace, maybe take the pace of your last 5k and up it a bit.  Find YOUR comfort zone.  Before you know it you too maybe be seeing the treadmill in a different light =)

I hope this post helps with some of your winter time blues as we train for this AMAZING CLEVELAND RITE AID MARATHON =)

PS- Stay tuned to my blog and my facebook page THIS WEEK( as I will be giving away one FREE entry to the Cleveland Rite Aid Marathon (this entry can be used for any of the races on race weekend).

Happy Training!



2014 a Rocky yet Amazing Start!


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Happy New Year!!!  2014 was off to a rocky yet amazing start =)  First the good thing, I was featured in People Magazine….gasp…..I still can’t believe it.  I have to say it was pretty darn amazing opening People at the grocery store and seeing a picture of me in it!   I think I am still on cloud 9 with this one.  One of our local news stations also featured me due to my People article, I kind of felt like a celebrity.


My picture in People!

Now the rocky part, I started 2014 with a doozy of a COLD.  I honestly haven’t been this ill in about 3 years.  It knocked me off my feet.  When it first hit me I thought I was fine, had even planned on continuing with my training and working out.  Well then the cold got worse.  It really put me in a hard predicament.  My training has been going very well, now do I risk it and take time off? I felt like I had an angel and a devil on my shoulder one being my body saying SERIOUSLY REST the other being my mind saying oh come on you’re doing so good this could be a setback.

Well…. I had to listen to my body.  I rested, and then rested more, and yep a bit more after that.  I took a whole week off of training/working out.  I can’t remember a time during my journey where I have taken this amount of time off of physical activity.  There were a few days where all I did was sleep and Nyquil became a new friend.  I lost my appetite (which might not have been too bad of a thing considering the number of Christmas cookies I consumed) and found myself consuming as much Vitimin C as I could stomach.

After a week of rest I slowly made my way back to the gym.  It sure wasn’t easy and the cold was still lingering BUT I did it.  Slowly but surely I have started to feel better. My body has slowly been adjusting to my usual routine.

So this has been a learning experience for me.  My biggest fear was all my training/hard work I have invested in myself would be diminished.  I was scared my body was going to go into lazy mode.  Well I was wrong!  I survived and my body is adjusting to going back to training just fine.  Yes it was a small little set back but I seriously think I needed a mini break.

So as we enter 2014 and you all start training REMEMBER listen to your body, it’s ok to take breaks!!  I had to learn this lesson and I am sure happy I did!  2014 is going to be a great year I just know it =)


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